Closer to the Heart by Mercedes Lackey

(probably quite a few spoilers) Some reviews are started in the white heat of enthusiasm. Some are started with a sense of “oh crap, is it time to write this already?” And some are started when a friend sees you talking about having ‘feelings’ about a trilogy, and brings to mind a deep disconsolation that […]

Closer to Home by Mercedes Lackey

(moderate spoilers) The good news is that the three volumes of the Herald-Spy trilogy have enough good and less shared flaws to them to be worth individual reviews. The bad news is that they are still intensely frustrating in places, and that’s no less true of Closer to Home than any Lackey’s other works in […]

The Collegium Chronicles by Mercedes Lackey

(some spoilers) I generally don’t review series as a whole. I like to dig into the little details too much. However, sometimes, it seems the only practical way to do it. In the case of The Collegium Chronicles – Foundation, Intrigues, Changes, Redoubt, Bastion – and its hero Mags, it was because the flaws repeated […]

Exile’s Valour by Mercedes Lackey

(Mild Spoilers) Exile’s Valour is the continuation of the story of Alberich (him of Exile’s Honour) as he slides from the role of a weapon in a different sheath to being a more important, well-rounded human, and the human he is advising: Selenay, the newly orphaned new Queen of Valdemar. It’s an interesting little story, […]

Exile’s Honour by Mercedes Lackey

(moderate spoilers) Sometimes, a re-read is like visiting your favourite restaurant, or going back on holiday to a place you loved years ago. I love spending time with the books that have entertained me time and time again. But sometimes you re-read and discover a story is now completely at odds with your taste, and […]

Take A Thief by Mercedes Lackey

You know how it goes. You wake early, feeling unwell. You want something to read while you wait to see if you can fall back asleep, so you go to the shelf and pick something out. Probably nothing too challenging, maybe a reread. Just something fun to pass the time with. I picked Take A […]

Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey

(Some Spoilers) Simplicity, they say, is the ultimate sophistication. If so, this is book is very sophisticated. Burning Brightly is a deep cut from the lengthy bibliography that is Lackey’s Valdemar series, a standalone with characters that have little link to any of the many trilogies that make up the whole. It is, as the […]

Darian’s Tale Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey

Tis the season for warm fuzzy stories it seems. This trilogy – in fact, the last book of it – was my introduction to Mercedes Lackey, thanks to the wonder of second hand book shops. As a kid it enchanted me with its mix of friendship, cool animals, luxury hippie lifestyles, and detailed magical combats. […]

Vonderful Villains

Villains. As Randy Milholland of Something Positive once said, they need to be the most interesting person there. That goes double for fantasy, so heavily defined by the clash of ideology and tribe. Which probably explains why fantasy has so many great villains. Here’s a bunch of them, trying to keep them to books I […]