The Iron Hand of Mars by Lindsey Davis

(Mild Spoilers) Wanted: One Private Eye to traipse around parts of the Roman Empire, solving local problems while taking on the Emperor’s worst missions. Duties involve pointing out interesting historical and local details for readers, acting tough while being a soft touch, general wittiness, and having a ‘lively’ romance with the glamourous and competent leading […]

Venus in Copper by Lindsey Davis

(mild spoilers) Put yourself in the shoes of Marcus Didius Falco. You’ve just been bailed out of prison, stuck there by a jealous palace spy. You need to make a whopping big pile of money in order to marry your amazing patrician girlfriend, but your best hope of doing so relies on working for the […]

Shadows in Bronze by Lindsey Davis

I like breaking down fiction. I say that while often raging at a culture that seems more intent on appreciating fiction in its components rather than as its whole, but I do. It’s part why I review. But with Shadows in Bronze, I see no better way to celebrate Lindsey Davis’ novel than as a […]

The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis

(Kind of a big series spoiler but not really) It is good to come from a family of readers. Not only will you have a never ending supply of books to steal borrow, but it will give you a list of books with memories forever attached to them. The Silver Pigs, the start of a […]