Kushiel’s Chosen by Jacqueline Carey

The second book of the Phedre trilogy shows our heroine reaping the fruits of her victory in happy rural retreat, a state of affairs that lasts about a chapter before we get to the spoilers. The really big spoilers. Time to find another image… Okay, you had your warning, spoiler time. Melisande, the super-sexy villain […]

Kushiel’s Chosen Readthrough: Part Six

We’re back, and this time we’re at the end. The questions come this week from Lisa at Dear Geek Place. What did you make of Phèdre’s plan for stopping Melisande’s plot against the Crown, and Marco Stregazza’s power grab? And what did you think of how smoothly (or not) it went? Well, it certainly had […]

Kushiel’s Chosen Readthrough: Week Five

It is now the penultimate stretch of this journey with fantasy’s most cunning courtesan countess, and that means more questions. This week they’re coming from Imyril at One More and as ever they’re being answered by this band of bookbrains here. Here are my thoughts and answers What did you make of Phèdre’s interventions to […]

Kushiel’s Chosen Readthrough: Week Four

We’re past the halfway mark now and settling in for the long run home for the unluckily named Phèdre and even more unlucky people around her. Asking the questions this week is Bookforager and answering them are the various folk found here. Here’s mine. What are your thoughts/feelings on Phèdre’s escape from La Dolorosa? Specifically, […]

Kushiel’s Chosen Readthrough: Week Three

Week three! Almost caught up. This week’s questions came from Zezee With Books and lets plough right on in. Phèdre, her boys, and Joscelin arrive safely in La Serenissima. What was your impression of the city, its culture, and its ruler, the Doge? What did you think of its goddess, Asherat? Do you agree with […]