Top 10 Books Read in 2020

I would call 2020 a weird reading year for me, save that looking back at past reading years suggest it was actually very in keeping. I read a handful of new books that changed the way I read about the genre and otherwise struggled with new fiction, preferring instead to keep re-reading. I’d like to […]

Children of Earth and Sky by Guy Gavriel Kay

Ah, Mr Kay. What a wonderful writer you are. But are you fantasy? I have these conversations from time to time with friends. The answer’s yes, but the paucity of supernatural elements in some of his books stretch the definition a little. And maybe if he hadn’t broken in as a fantasy author, maybe we […]

Currently Reading Mini Reviews

Hi, my name is Peat and I’m a book-drunk. I’m not a bookoholic, they go to meetings. They want to repair their problems. I don’t. I want to be left alone with a big pile of books. How big a pile you say? Well. Here it comes. And yes, I really am reading all of […]