On this page you’ll find every story and poem I’ve hosted here, both my own and others (mainly the Fantasy Faction winners)

My Stories

Our Kind of Watchman

The Man With The Bronze Sword

Ursula and the Boy Beyond The Circle Part One

Ursula and the Boy Beyond The Circle Part Two

Ursula and the Boy Beyond The Circle Part Three

Lonely the Sky, Lonely the Sea

The Murderer’s Last Hope

What Lies Underneath

The Swordsman and the Sorcerer

A Door To The Country Unknown

The Mother of Sorcery

A Return to Distance

A Comrade’s Love

Fantasy Faction Story Winners

A Storm of Shadows by Jonathan Ryan

The Queen of War and Sorrow by Jonathan Ryan

Fuh by JE Daniels

Waiting For Him by Alex Hormann

Battlefield Earth by John M Kelly

Small Time Crooks by Alex Hormann

Ship by John M Kelly

When I Came To, This Kid Was Shaking Me by Caith

The Last Old Woman by Kindly

Mr Benjamin by LC Cunningham

A High Magic by Nora

Portrait of the Artist in Blue, The Perfectionist by Nora

The Spiral by Alex Hormann

The Baker’s Apprentice by LC Cunningham

Wanted by Deannadilello

Easier To Believe by Wakarimasen