This is the page for finding all the non-book things I’ve written – TV reviews, movie reviews, food reviews, music, and so on.

Food and Drink

HelloFresh Recipes Rated
Top 10 Drinks of 2021
The twenty very best things I consumed in America

Restaurant Reviews
London Food Reviews: Smoking Goat, Bun House, Dishoom, Silk Road
Dear Dubrovnik: Eating and Other Thoughts
Ticket to Rye
– London Food Reviews: Tai Kitchen, Bao, Viet Quan, La Querce

TV and Film

The Princess Bride
Conan the Barbarian
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Sploosh: Thoughts on Discovering Archer
Three, Two, One, Let’s Jam: An Ode to Cowboy Bebop
The Bear

Avatar: The Last Airbender
In which a latecoming fan realises Avatar: The Last Airbender is fantastic
The Boy in the Iceberg
The Avatar Returns
The Southern Air Temple
The Warriors of Kyoshi
The King of Omashu
Winter Solstice: Part One
Winter Solstice: Part Two
The Waterbending Scroll
The Great Divide
The Storm
The Blue Spirit
The Fortune Teller
Bato of the Water Tribe
The Deserter
The Northern Air Temple
The Waterbending Teacher
The Siege of the North: Part One
The Siege of the North: Part Two
Thoughts on Book One: Water
The Avatar State
The Cave of Two Lovers
Return to Omashu
The Swamp
Avatar Day
The Blind Bandit
Zuko Alone

Avatar: Legend of Korra
How Not To Start A Story: The Legend of Korra
Blown Leaves and Revelations
Creepy Voices and Competitive Spirits
Winners and Aftermaths
Dueling Extremes and Tales out of the Past
Tide Turning and Shadows
Endgame and Thoughts
What I’d Have Done Different: Legend of Korra Book One
Book Two: Spirits
Book Three: Change
Book Four: Balance


Top 10 Things I Listened To In 2020

Album Reviews
Burning Village by Mountain Witch
The Black Album by Metallica
Empires by VNV Nation

Music Monday
Where the Earth Meets the Sky by Inter Arma
One to Another/Crashin’ In by the Charlatans
The Genuine Pulse by Borknagar
Money For Nothing by Dire Straits
Beloved by VNV Nation
Clean by Depeche Mode
Suicide Nation by At The Gates
Nothing Else Matters by Dave Gahan
Helpless by Neil Young and The Band
Dirty Old Town by The Pogues
Take Me Back Home by Soulsavers and Dave Gahan
I Spy by Pulp
While My Guitar Gentle Weeps by Prince, Tom Petty, and Others
Once In A Lifetime by Wolfsheim
Phoenix by Satyricon featuring Sivert Hoyem
Every Shitty Thing by The Murder City Devils
How High by The Charlatans
Come Back by Depeche Mode
Heart of Courage by Two Steps From Hell
Saknet by Windir
Metal Heart – Dave Gahan version and Cat Power version
This Will Be Our Year by Nerina Pallot
God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters by Moby
Spancill Hill by Paddy Reilly
Not Unlike The Waves by Agalloch


Computer Games
– X-Com, Long War, and the Thief of Time
X-Com Files 2
X-Com 2

Theatre Reviews
Bury the Hatchet

Dear Dubrovnik: Eating and Other Thoughts
Ticket to Rye
The Most Magical Place On Earth

Other Other
Saturday Six: There Are Things Undreamt Of
Saturday Six: Slow Down Brain