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Friday Five: The Cat Tent Edition

Hello all. It’s solidly below freezing here and the main thing that means is the cat Murray wants my body warmth. Murray’s favourite way of gaining this is to paw at the blanket I am under until I lift my legs, hold up a flap, and make him a tent. At which point a tiny…

Cookbook Reviews: Indian for Everyone by Hari Ghotra, The Princess Bride Cookbook by Jenn Fujikawa, Seriously Good Chili Cookbook by Brian Baumgartner

Indian For Everyone by Hari Ghotra: Okay, this is seriously good. There are lots of cookbooks that’ll offer recipes with lovingly sensuous descriptions and fairly clear directions. There are plenty that will combine that with a mix of innovative and traditional recipes, and appetite provoking pictures. A few, the precious few, will combine those necessary…

Try Again Authors for 2023

Every year – and by that I mean as of last year and now on – I give myself a list of authors I’d like to try again. Authors where my experiences of their books have been sufficiently unappealing that I feel no urge to read their next book, but where my perception of the…

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