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A quick summary of the arc of American fantasy

The purpose of this post is to give a quick abridged history of the development of American fantasy, as much for my own setting of ideas as anything. It squashes many issues and developments down smaller than it deserves, generalises repeatedly, and doesn’t explore many ramifications. Such is the nature of quick summaries. It also […]

Friday Five: The River Rolls On Edition

No intro this week, just straight into it 1. Reviews Dave as Espresso Coco is back on the horse and telling us all about Jackson Ford’s A Shitload of Crazy Powers I can’t look at this review of Nghi Vo’s Into The Riverlands yet as I wish to read it unspoiled, but I bet Katie […]

More Author Influences: Second Wave Epic Fantasy Authors from North America

When I started the author influences project, I didn’t think of going much further. I didn’t really consider my groupings well. I am continuing with groupings though, as I started so I will finished, and the whole point of this project is to see how influences went by generations. So here are authors I’d consider […]

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