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On Fantasy as the Genre of Recovery

The first thing I did on starting this essay was to check I hadn’t writ anything like this before. I mean, goodness, how often do I talk up books because of the healing arc they include? Surely I’d talked about this in a wider sense. If I have, it is lost to mine (and the…

Into The Riverlands by Nghi Vo

I lost track of Wyrd & Wonder prompts, but the final one is the best book you read this month. By happy coincidence, that’s the last book I have to review – Nghi Vo’s Into The Riverlands, book 3 of the Singing Hills Cycle. My only real complaint is I wished this wasn’t a novella.…

Witches Abroad by Sir Terry Pratchett

I called my sister yesterday, just to hear a bit of home. We spent most of the call talking about Pratchett’s Witches series. I can do that a lot, I can. There’s few things as heartfelt, as funny, as fantastical, as thrilling in fantasy. Now I believe I’ve never reviewed Witches Abroad on this site.…

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