The Mother of Sorcery: Exalted FanFic

As my string of holiday space fillers continues, here’s a little something I wrote for an Exalted game I played in online. For those who don’t know, Exated is an RPG about an epic world of god-kings and betrayal. Hopefully this story makes some sense to those who never played! “My tale?” Apsara says lightly, […]

A Door to the Country Unknown by Peat

This is a little story I wrote for a writing challenge at SFFChronicles – 300 words for an image prompt of a door in a mountainside. Hope you enjoy! The uneducated observer would think the woman before the door terribly nervous. Behold the downcast gaze, the bright red shoes scuffling in the dust, ringed fingers […]

A Return to Distance by Peat

A bed, a cat, a life together;That was the dream ofYears separated by oceans.We lie together, listening to his purr.He doesn’t know of the coming dayWhen oceans rise again,When the bed is half-filled,When you go away. The idea, the reality, of thisHas crept up like aSage’s calm years on the mountain,Counted only after enlightenment’s bliss.Enlightenment’s […]

What Lies Beneath by Peat

Deep below London’s streets the insistent pulse of the club’s bass filled Fenaro’s ears. It was one of the finer perks of magic in his opinion. He’d left the venue with his new friend – well, ‘friend’ – a good hour ago, but his power kept the music with him, live as electricity. There were […]

The Murderer’s Last Hope by Peat

Story time! This is a short story I wrote a while back, in a somewhat weird mood. Hope you enjoy! The shrine of Saint Iudon saw few visitors and nearly all of them were fugitives.The surrounding desert didn’t offer much of a congregation, or of anything else. Whoever built the shrine had disappeared long ago […]

Lonely the Sky, Lonely the Sea by Peat

I’m posting a poem/story I wrote a while back in response to a 300 word challenge at SFFChronicles. The challenge was a spec fic story inspired by the following image Lonely the Sky, Lonely the Sea Lonely the Sky, Lonely the Sea,When Young Davey McGregor cameA-Seeking Me. I knew well it was himself byThe wistful […]