#musicmonday – Strength by Aether Realm

Music Monday contains the trend of uplifting songs, this time drawing from the mighty well that is Melodic Death Metal So what’s banging about this? There’s some very catchy melodies and also a grim, exhilarating atmosphere. Where that pre-chorus drops is my big “oh hell yeah this means business” moment. The lyrics full back this […]

#musicmonday – Downfall by Children of Bodom

Welcome to another music monday, with a very metal choice. Yet this classic from some of Finland’s finest, led by the much missed Alexi Laiho, isn’t here just because I fancied sticking some metal in the mix. No, it’s here because this week on the blog I’m running a very special feature that I am […]

#musicmonday – Small Town Boy by Paradise Lost

Today in Music Monday, we’ve got a cover for you. This is one of those covers where I listened to it before the original, and now the original doesn’t work for me. Paradise Lost stick a level of heaviness onto this tale of gay pain that brings out a frantic emotiveness that really works for […]

#musicmonday – Burning Beard by Clutch

I still find myself in the mood for uplifting music, and while this song isn’t quite uplifting, it has real get up and go energy. The song? Sometimes, when listening to Clutch, I want to write some Americana conspiracy theory heavy urban fantasy. The world he weaves through his words is just so alive. But […]

#musicmonday – Our House by Madness

Today my mood coalesced into a desire for something very British, something with a real sense of belonging. Behold the answer If you don’t regard this song as an absolute banger, I’m going to give you the most disappointed stare you’ve received since the first time you got home after dinner without telling your mum […]