Friday Five: Inconsequential Fluff Edition

I really haven’t noticed too much of interest to shout about in the fantasy community in the past week, possibly due to the odd report of political news here and there. So this post will be very self-centered. Nevertheless, there are a few things happening. So a happy book birthday to Devin Madson, reviewed here […]

Friday Five

It’s technically not Friday any more, but I do have some shizzle to share. I found this article from Arina on non-binary Spec-Fic writers and their motivation/journeys to be interesting – I always like interviews, and this of course is a bunch of one of them in one spot. I’m not the only person doing […]

Friday Five – Cake for Breakfast Edition

Let us start business with a necessary statement. Alan Dean Foster remains unpaid by Disney for his work on books owned by Disney. This is theft. This is wrong. Disney must pay and should be reminded of this until they do. Now onto some writing advice! Melissa Caruso is rapidly turning into one of my […]

Friday Five – Slumping Again Edition

This will not be a very outward looking Friday Five, as my reading slump has extended to just general genre things, but I did find two great reviews today that I wanted to share. The first is John Mendez’s extremely lengthy and spoiler filled dissection of Ashes of the Sun. Like, SO MANY SPOILERS THERE’S […]