Friday Five: This Feature Needs A New Name Edition

A week’s gone missing, thanks to food poisoning. This is late, partly thanks to not stopping to consider that Thai food and a stomach weakened by food poisoning may not be friends. (Also actual friends, who made me a birthday cake which is very nice of them). Why are you even reading anymore? Nevertheless, it […]

Friday Five: Once I Thought I Had A Mind Edition

And so the trend for late posts and empty round-ups continues. I spent last week being too tired to do anything, which isn’t great for, well, anything. But there are a few things I wanted to share, so let’s get to it. 1. Over at Libri Draconis, Fabienne has commenced a series of interviews with […]

Friday Five: It is Wednesday?

I ask that because my wife just asked that. Seriously. Also, because that’s honestly as brain dead as I am today. I would say something pithy but I’ve really got nothing. Which is a problem, because I’ve also got a shortage of material for this week, which means plenty of it will come from my […]

Friday Five: Chicken Powder Edition

Yesterday I made a meal that was meant to use Chinese Chicken Powder. I’d never heard of it before. But today a friend found it and hey, it looks like it’ll make everything taste better (mainly because salt and sugar are major ingredients). And for me, this Friday Five roundup is kinda like that; there’s […]

Friday Five: Need More Snappy Titles

This has been a long week, and a short one. We’ve somehow gone from the near-dead of winter to gorgeous summer sunshine. I’ve had mild food poisoning and ridiculously good donuts. I’ve seen cats occupy cardboard castles and puke up hairballs the size of cigarette. All this moments will be lost in time, like tears […]

Friday Five: A Comfy Day

To whit, this day is not actually comfy. It’s tired and the sky is like some old god of the settled fields steered their plough over a field of grey. That means today is a good day to die on some blankets, while covered with blankets, listening to something chilled out. Maybe plot how many […]

Friday Five: Some Good Diversity, Some Bad Diversity

Most of the book discussions and links I have seen this week have been about diversity. Some of it’s been enlightening. Some of it’s been depressing. Some offers ways forwards. Others maybe don’t. As such, I decided to put it at the heart of everything this week, and keep a link for next. The ordering […]

Friday Five: Overload Edition

Happy incipient weekend all! This week, there’s been a lot of interesting bits and pieces around, and this could have been a lot longer. Let’s get cracking. Some fun news from the world of publishing. I very much doubt there’ll be many BIPOC authors who haven’t seen LD Lewis’ news about acquiring novellas for Tordotcom, […]