Friday Five: Moment of Adrenaline Edition

1. In a refreshing change, SFF twitter’s big thing has been laughing at the announcement that a guy who spends a bunch of time wearing black latex not being into sexy stuff, rather than drama. The jokes have been fantastic. Let’s raise a glass to that. To celebrate, here’s my favourite meme. 2. Blog of […]

Friday Five: Bedraggled Cat Edition

Evening all. Or probably morning when you read this, as I’m writing late and most of my audience is UK/Europe based. Or whatever time of day it is. Apparently my third highest source of hits is Thailand? I’m not sure I even know anyone there (sentences that will no doubt prove embarrassing swiftly). Feel free […]

Friday Five: Cold Air at the Top Edition

Hi all, and welcome to another Friday Five. It’s been a nice hot week so far, with it being more nice when outdoors and more just hot when penned up in a third floor flat with no aircon. I’m happy to be writing this on a slightly cooler morning, with the window open and the […]

Friday Five: Can’t Get Out of Bed Edition

Whee! It’s been a week since I last did this column. And, more than that, it’s been a week with a lot of links stored up. Let’s get started. Hopefully there’ll be something for everyone in this lot. 1. One thing I’ve decided to do is to start showcasing a blog of the week. It […]

Friday Five: Half Here, Half There Edition

Hi all. This might be something of a short one, but here’s a few bits and pieces that might interest people. 1. I have yet to listen to this myself – and very much hope there will be a transcript as frankly my ability to spend large amounts of time listening to people talk on […]

Friday Five: Watching Through the Window Edition

Happy Friday you sons of guns, you daughters of slaughter, you non-binary children of villain killing, and everyone who’s too nice to fit into the aforementioned. It’s been a super exciting week here as I’ve got through the post-covid travel routine of quarantining, getting endless calls from track and trace, shoving things up my nose, […]

Not the Friday Five

Well, this little lot has been building up for a while. For various reasons – being busy, being unmotivated, not feeling in love with reading, illness – I’ve not posted Friday Five for a while. I could keep them for the next one this week but there’s such a build up that I’ve decided to […]

Friday Five: This Feature Needs A New Name Edition

A week’s gone missing, thanks to food poisoning. This is late, partly thanks to not stopping to consider that Thai food and a stomach weakened by food poisoning may not be friends. (Also actual friends, who made me a birthday cake which is very nice of them). Why are you even reading anymore? Nevertheless, it […]

Friday Five: Once I Thought I Had A Mind Edition

And so the trend for late posts and empty round-ups continues. I spent last week being too tired to do anything, which isn’t great for, well, anything. But there are a few things I wanted to share, so let’s get to it. 1. Over at Libri Draconis, Fabienne has commenced a series of interviews with […]

Friday Five: It is Wednesday?

I ask that because my wife just asked that. Seriously. Also, because that’s honestly as brain dead as I am today. I would say something pithy but I’ve really got nothing. Which is a problem, because I’ve also got a shortage of material for this week, which means plenty of it will come from my […]