Top 10 Drinks of 2021

This list is not in order. But I do highly recommend drinking the shit out of all of them if you get the chance. Black Forest Cake Smoothie Stout by Untitled Art and Hubbard’s Cave: I have a real weakness for pastry stouts that genuinely have some of that sweet-savoury richness of pastry. This not […]

Dear Dubrovnik: Eating And Other Thoughts

The first thing to know about Dubrovnik is I fell in love with the place almost on sight. Out of the window of an airplane it’s a pretty little huddle of buildings, nestling between the bright blue sea and great slopes, barren and wild-looking saved for the studs of vivid green copses decorating them. And […]

Ticket to Rye

Hi all. First off, this post has next to nothing about fantasy literature. Now, for the three people remaining I was recently persuaded by my wife that we should spend a day or two out of London simply for a break in the monotony. We dickered over various places, a difficult decision as my wife […]

HelloFresh Recipes Rated

It’s time for a little break from fantasy. A little palate cleanser if you will. How better to cleanse one’s palate then food? Some time in January, struggling to think of new meals that might also be somewhat healthy after eight months of pretty much never eating out, my wife convinced me to try out […]

Feasting Friday – Later than Ever!

I’m so good at keeping a blog updated. Which is a shame, because my culinary life has been banging like a school trip in a drum shop. Top of the list is the discovery that my wife loves curry. Or at least, coconutty curry that’s not too coriander heavy. A friend cooked us the Prawn […]

Feasting Friday

Because I’m unable to concentrate on any one topic, I’ve decided to start using this blog to keep a semi-regular account of my gastronomic adventures. Well. I say adventures. I’m pretty sure going to a Chinese supermarket isn’t actually an adventure. But gods does it feel like its magic. The magic shop is one of […]