Stuff I Missed: Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone, Angel’s Truth by AJ Grimmelhaus, The Ninth Rain by Jen Williams

More mini-reviews of stuff I read then never reviewed… Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone: There was a period where I thought Gladstone’s stuff was some of the sharpest in modern fantasy. Then his trick got a little stale but I still recall Three Parts Dead with a lot of affection. I like my deities […]

Mini Reviews: 24 Hours in Ancient China by Yijie Zhuang, How To Behave Badly in Renaissance Britain by Ruth Goodman, Perdurabo by Richard Kacynzski, 24 Hours in Ancient Egypt by Donald P. Ryan

24 Hours in Ancient China by Yijie Zhuang: Hugely well-written and informative, this book tries to take you deep inside the heads and mindsets of twenty-four commoners in Ancient China as they go about their daily business. Recreation of ancient mindsets is always a risky business but it is carried off convincingly if nothing else, […]