Kushiel’s Avatar Readalong Part Six

And then it was done. This is it. The final segment. All things to be made good, or ungood. 1. Our starter for ten: let’s talk about that final meeting with Melisande. What were your feelings about Imriel’s meeting with his mother? How did you feel Phèdre handled herself? And any opinions on those rumours […]

Read As Thou Wilt: Kushiel’s Avatar Readalong Part Three

Welcome to week three of the readalong. Last week, Phèdre was wondering how to diplomatically ask an absolute monarch “‘ere, do you buy young boys for your harem?” This week, we discover the answer, and whether Phèdre’s life gets any easier. Spoiler alert – it does not. In fact, this week is the section of […]

The Darkest Road by Guy Gavriel Kay Readalong Part Four

Not every road goes on forever. This is the final part of The Darkest Road readalong, covering parts four and five of the book, and with it the end of our The Fionavar Tapestry readalong. And asking the questions? C’est moi. Imyril, you truly are my favourite bookfriend right now. Before I get onto the […]

The Darkest Road by Guy Gavriel Kay Readalong Part One

So we find the Weaver back at the loom ready to finish this tapestry, and two dreaming group of adventurers reunited again. I cannot remember the last time a readalong group I’ve been part of has romped through a series like this, because it hasn’t happened. Sometimes I think about suggesting we finish off Phedre’s […]