Sláine by Pat Mills and various artists

(moderate spoilers) One of my favourite mythic cycles is the Ulster Cycle, that often driven by Cú Chulainn. It’s entrancing in its wildness, its ferocity, its tragedy. One of the things that has drawn me to the comic Slaine over the years is the certainty Pat Mills must feel similarly about the Ulster Cycle. Slaine […]

Artesia by Mark Smylie

Evening my fine fantasy folk. Are you in the mood for an Epic Fantasy comic? Something maybe featuring a protagonist akin to a pagan Joan of Arc, or a Queen Medb? Witchcraft and war, swords and schemes, boobies and balls? I hope so, because that’s what I’m here to talk about. Artesia starts on the […]

Learn To Be Invisible

We all have types. Funny books. Dark books. Various tropes. Long books. Dragons. One of my various types is the big book. Not physically, but in terms of the ideas, the sense of scale built into it. Books that make me think and go wow. Closely related are books that are batshit insane. In celebration […]

Asterix Readthrough Books 5 to 8

Before I plough on, I’d like to talk about something Bea mentioned in the comments of the last post and that is the quality of the translation. Asterix is fantastic because of its wordplay and when I found out these comics were originally written in a whole other language back as a wee kid, it […]

Asterix Readthrough Books 1 to 4

This is the start of a series of posts about me re-reading Asterix. In case people don’t know, Asterix is a series of comics about a cunning Gaulish warrior in a little village that alone resists Caesar’s army thanks to magic potion and Asterix. It’s very funny and family friendly, with tons of European in-jokes […]

Five More Books

Since people seemed to like reading a lot of short reviews, I’m giving the format another spin. This time the theme is modern fairy tales and Urban Fantasy – an unfair pairing, as the two have some distinct differences in terms of how well the protagonist can understand and face up directly to the legendary […]