The Light Fantastic by Sir Terry Pratchett

The Light Fantastic, Pratchett’s second Discworld novel, cleaves closely to the model of The Colour of Magic in many ways but with notable improvements in most respects other than the amount of dragons. The one big difference is the plot, of which there was virtually none in TCoM. Nobody is award anything prizes for The […]

Knights of Dark Renown by David Gemmell

You can praise books for the deftness of their prose, for the cleverness of their plot, the acuity of their observations. Their wit. Their ability to steal you away. Sometimes though, you need to talk about the sheer power of spirit and mood. And without saying Knights of Dark Renown has nothing for those first […]

A Numbers Game by RJ Dark

There’s a certain way I like to have my crime novels. I like there to be a bit of a laugh. I like seeing teams at work. I like it when they make a point of showing a small world, not just the pursuit of one crime. As such, I liked RJ Dark’s A Numbers […]

The Colour of Magic by Sir Terry Pratchett

Something that fascinates me when you get these big iconic works of art in a creative scene is which ones inspire whole new schools and which ones stand alone. For my money, The Colour of Magic is in the latter category. When was the last time you read a book that reminded you of The […]

Drake by Peter McLean

There is a spectrum within Urban Fantasy and once I got with the idea it leaned to one pole instead of my more preferred pole, and leaned with it, I very much enjoyed Drake. It’s got an intriguing cast of characters, a twisty plot, and great individual scenes. We’ll get back to that. I first […]

Thud by Sir Terry Pratchett

(some spoilers, particularly in second time reader) A confession. I have long believed that the City Watch series peaked with Night Watch and that the books after it are, in a way, superfluous. Which means this book. No matter how much a book might be appreciated, it’s hard for it to be fully appreciated when […]

Shield of Thunder by David Gemmell

(Some spoilers) I write reviews for many reasons, but one is to practice writing. In particular, I practice how to write when the mind isn’t feeling co-operative. Therefore, when it comes to a review where I’m really not sure what I want to say, I have zero shame in including that in the review. Which […]

The Book of Atrix Wolfe by Patricia McKillip

Once upon a time I discovered there was a multiple World Fantasy Award winner from the 80s/90s who I’d never heard of and from that day, I resolved to try Patricia McKillip’s books. Now I have and let me tell you, it was a good resolution. Lynn Dove Cooper, who guided me to this book […]