Book Project Stocktake: To Return A King

Book idea four. Once again I’m going back to the old ideas, although this one recently got a fairly major bit of attention. There’s a big spreadsheet and all. Anyway, I think I’ve worked out that checklist I was talking about, after realising I should keep it simple. Here goes: Are the Character’s Voices Interesting […]

Book Project Stocktake: Sins of the Father

Book idea two. I’ve had this one for a while but it stalled after a hot start. It’s refused to go away, which might be a good thing, but we’ll see better whether it should hang around after this. Part of what I should be building as part of this process is a mental check […]

Born to Die: A Hasty Essay on the Chosen One as Sacrifice

The Chosen One is one of the most famous archetypes in fantasy, among those who enjoy it and those who don’t. It is sometimes seen as a wish fulfilment plot, with some justification. In it an usually ordinary person is plucked from obscurity to experience power and prestige unlike any other; how is that not […]

Book Project Stocktake: Tomb

Hi all. This post is mainly for me. But it is in my public space, so it’s for you too. The point of this post (and probably many like it) is for me to go through the many book ideas I have and see which ones are worth me focusing on. For those of you […]

Tigana: A Study on Structure

Warning: Spoilers ahoy. I like story structure. I’m not sure why – that is to say, I can think of many reasons, but am not sure how many actually hold – but the timing of narrative events is interesting to me. And something I increasingly find interesting is how that changes across story. Point in […]