On Redemption Arcs

This will be quite an exploratory post so bear with me. Let’s start with what feels like a safe statement. People love redemption arcs but don’t always mean the same thing by them. I think to an extent that’s because the two words in their purest form are somewhat mutually incompatible. Redemption is an action. […]

Things I Learnt And Didn’t Learn About Writing In 2021

1. Pick Which Mistake You’re Willing To Make I first took this idea from Stephen Bush’s political columns, in which he talked about it being useful for political parties to pick which mistake they’re willing to make (as otherwise they’ll spend their lives trying to be all things to all people). It’s a concept you […]

A writing thought after NaNoWriMo

I don’t know how many of you people who were chugging merrily away during NaNoWriMo have seen their writing just dry up. But I imagine it’s some of you. And it includes me. If there’s one thing I 100% believe as an objective truth about being a good writer, it is that it must include […]

On Conflict: A Hypocrite Ruminates

I recently read some work from a friend and as feedback, advised them to introduce more conflict to their scenes. And boy did I feel like a hypocrite. The advice to make it all about conflict is pretty common to western literature. Let’s pluck one example of that at semi-random – a post by Jim […]

On NaNoWriMo

The end of the third week of the month long writing challenge has come and with it a few thoughts. This is my second time doing it. My first time I was part of a group of writers from SFFChronicles all doing it, and I got huge results wordcount wise from their camaraderie and enthusiasm. […]

Stalling on a Scene: A Writer Muses

I haven’t written any fiction in about a week. And I’m here to talk about why, for my sake and maybe yours. My current process is to work on two projects at the same time, switching at the end of each chunk. The idea is it keeps me fresh and allows me time to have […]

Becoming A Better Writer: Order Of Operations

Another day, another idea for self-improvement stolen from Jack Han and the world of hockey. Most people will recognise the term Order of Operations from Mathematics. Brackets (or parantheses), Order (or exponenents), Division, etc.etc. You do one type of thing first, then the next, and so on, or it just doesn’t work. The idea, as […]

A Quick Way To Improve “As You Know, Bob”

I’ve been reading Abraham Merritt’s The Ship of Ishtar recently and this paragraph jumped out at me tonight: “From here and there comes the food,” answered the Viking. “It is a ship of warlocks and a cursed one. Not long may it stop at any place, nor at any place is it welcome. Nay, not […]

On Becoming A Better Writer

I often ramble on about sports here (and even more often delete the drafts). There’s a few reasons, not least I really like sports. But one of the major ones is there’s a lot of sports writers who talk constantly about getting better at the craft – the coaching guys, the analytics geeks, and so […]