Cat Markings Book Tag

Today it’s time to have some fun talking about two my favourite topics: books and cats. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to found this one at the home of the tag queen herself, Zezee With Books. It was made (also the graphics) by Laura at Corner of Laura, who’s been turning out some great tags […]

Anti-TBR Book Tag

Hello all, and welcome to Sunday. In the name of a relaxed and chill time, I decided to do a book tag, and namely the first book tag I liked the look of on Zezee’s. Namely, the Anti-TBR Book Tag, which was created by booktuber Nicole & Her Books. Shall we find out what I have […]

The 1000th Post Book Tag

Hey everybody. Guess how many posts this makes for me? You are correct! Happy 569th blog post to meeeee! Okay, joking aside, here it is. Post one thousand. It’s a proud moment and I wanted to commemorate it somehow. I thought of a few big topics but eventually came to this – a book tag […]

The 54321 Book Tag

Hello all! It’s been a while since I’ve did a book tag but I saw this one on Zezee With Books and immediately planned to do it the moment I needed a quick post, which really didn’t take long to happen at all. So here it is. The 5-4-3-2-1 Boooooook tag! Credit to whoever originally […]

The Ice Lolly Blog Tag

I should have done this one in the summer. I guess for me, early September are the days I associate most with wanting ice cream and lollies. It is hot, because the universe likes to taunt kids returning to school with the best weather they’ve seen for months, which also contributes to really wanting a […]

Great Women of Fantasy’s Past Tag

I like fantasy’s history. I like knowing about the semi-forgotten contributors, knowing which books and trends caught the public’s imagination, which people deserve a thankful nod. So why not do a tag that shares a little about them with other people? So this is my great women of fantasy’s past tag. I have offered a […]

LGBTQ+ Historical Icons Tag

Hello everyone. Today we’ve got a tag that Laura at Corner of Laura came up with for Pride Month. I’m delighted to say she tagged me to do this, so here I am, just at the end of the month! Here’s the tag rules and I encourage everyone who sees this to give it a […]

This Is My Genre Tag

I found this tag when the most splendiferous Mayri at Bookforager did it, and quickly decided I like it. It’s short and to the point, and allows you to say interesting things. So it’s time to do it. WHAT’S YER FAVOURITE GENRE? Fantasy. My second favourite genre is probably really bad fantasy. Look, no harm […]

The Never Have I Ever Book Tag

There’s only one thing to do on a Sunday evening, or at least one thing I can speak of in polite company. That is find a warm spot, entice a small cat to join me, and do a book tag in between glancing at a book. Wait, where did I put that book. Hmm. Well, […]

The Good Intentions Book Tag

Let’s be honest here. It’s Sunday, I’m tired, so I’m going with a book tag. I found it at Mayri at Bookforager’s, and she found it at the creator’s Lynn of Lynn’s Books To try and spice this up a little, I’ll be giving my standard answers and a few answers that are perhaps a […]