Wheel of Tipples

Hi all. I’ve decided that the world needs some incisive character analysis on the Wheel of Time, so here’s a post on which alcoholic beverage would be each character’s true spirit animal. Because that’s what real literary criticism is all about. let’s start with a fan favourite – Mat Cauthon – Brandy Brandy’s one of […]

A Game of Wings

Hi all. You’re now about to read a post stating which wing flavour best represents which GoT/Song of Ice and Fire character best. Or close the tab. One of the two. The inspiration for this post comes from the fact that someone else in my feed (I forget who) reviewed a book with Game of […]

Desert Island Reads

Ask people to name a British radio show and, sooner or later, you will get Desert Island Discs. It’s a lovely, calm piece of radio in which celebrities talk about the eight songs they’d pick if cast away on a cushy desert island and why. It’s iconic. That’s probably why Imyril at One More decided […]

Villain Love or Kill

Happy Monday readers, I hope you all had good weekends. In the spirit of the day of love and chocolate yesterday, I’ve decided to do a post about the greatest relationships not in fantasy books. Or the greatest trainwrecks. This idea originated from Hiu at The Fantasy Inn, because why have my own ideas when […]

Dream Band

Spend any time with music fans and the idea of your dream supergroup will soon come up. It’s just natural, innit. Spend any time with fantasy fans and they’ll start coming up with various dream groups too. Best heist crew. Best merc company. Best D&D 4 man party. Well, why not best band? “But Peat, […]

Fellowship of the Books Tag

As many of you will have noticed, it was Tolkien’s birthday yesterday (or however many days ago it was from when you read this). I was meant to do the toast at 9pm but was distracted by playing Among Us, so I started thinking of other ways to honour the man. The best only idea […]

The 2020 Peaties

Once upon a time there was a blogger called Rin, and in a fit of madness she posted about 10,000 ideas for end of year lists. Do I tell you this to give credit where credit is due, or so that you know who to blame for this? You’re damn right this is a blame […]

The greatest grumps in Fantasy

I considered many options for today’s silly post before thinking I should probably do something holiday themed. Tis the season and all that. There is, however, a problem with that. I loathe Christmas. I abhor it, despise it, detest it. Casting book characters as actors for Christmas movies? The only Christmas movie I’ll pay any […]

If Books Were RPG Characters

One of the things that I enjoy most about twitter is the amount of RPG chat that percolates into, well, everything. Not only is it a great way to kill time, but I just generally enjoy the love RPGs are getting. A lot of the more fascinating ideas I’ve found in fantasy have been in […]

If Fantasy Characters Had Football Chants

G’day and welcome to the latest run-off from the more dysfunctional parts of my brain-meats.   This one was inspired by people talking about V.E. Schwaab’s The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.   “Hmm, Addie LaRue would scan well in a number of football chants,” says some part of my subconscious. “Shame the automatic rhyme I […]