Not The Friday Five: Quite A Lot To Do Edition

See the title. Let’s go. 1. Reviews Want to know how one of the greatest fantasy trilogies ends? Zezee is here to talk you about Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Avatar. Want an opinion on a chonky single book epic? Dylan Marsh at Before We Go is reviewing Samantha Shannon’s Priory of the Orange Tree. Mini-reviews time! […]

Not The Friday Five: A Sky the Colour of Tin Edition

Hello all, and welcome to another late Friday Five, as once again bank holidays have messed with my life. But never fear, I still have things to share. So let’s be sharing, eh? 1. Reviews The only thing better than a review is lots of reviews. Para is here with mini-reviews of Mooncakes, Shards of […]

Sunday Six: Well That Lasted Long Edition

Bah. I forget why this didn’t go out Friday. Oh wait, I remember, I actually went into the office then went drinking, then came home with the inspiration to write. I should have probably got all this stuff out before now, but things have been rather busy. Well better late than never. Let’s get cracking. […]

Friday Five: Can See Less Clear Now The Rain Is Gone

Hi all. Yes, I know that lyric is incorrect. What can I say? Sometimes something major happens that you’ve been waiting for forever, and life just gets more complicated. Which is rude. Still, what can you do about it? Well, there’s always reading a ton of blog posts. Wanna know which posts to read? As […]

Friday Five: Spicy Pork and Broccoli Edition

Wotcha all. I’m guessing maybe two readers of this blog at most will get this reference. It’s actually a sports reference so we’ll draw a veil over it, although I’d also note that I’m quite fond of spicy pork and broccoli, although I’ve rarely had them as a combo. Anyway, that aside, let’s share some […]

Not The Friday Five: Cooped Up Edition

Hello all. I write this from a friend’s office as I wait for the printer to struggle through the various documents I need. I think by the time this post is finished and published I shall be elsewhere, but I’m really not that sure. Outside the sun shines with great enthusiasm. I could be out […]

#musicmonday – The Chain by Fleetwood Mac

Hi all, and welcome to another Music Monday, an idea that originated at The Tattooed Book Geek – ‘just a nobody with a blog’ ( Well it’s not actually Monday in the UK anymore, but hey ho. What it is time for is what should be one of the most famously fraught live performances of all […]

Friday Five: The Rites of Spring Edition

Well, it’s been a while isn’t it? So let’s get right to it. 1. I owe you a lot of reviews, so the quickest way to make that right is to link you to a review round up by Para of To Other Worlds covering The Missing Page, Seven Endless Forests, In the Watchful City, […]

Not The Friday Five: You Don’t Want To Know Edition

Hello all. As the astute – and less astute – and just generally compos mentis – of you will notice, it’s not Friday at the time of publication. Nor is it even at the time of writing. I could tell you why but in a rare fit of civilised behaviour, I’ve decided none of you […]

Friday Five: Lactic Acid Edition

Hello all. This week’s edition is coming a little late (although I bet it’s still Friday somewhere by the time I finish it), in no small part due to a spirited attempt to see just how fit my dicky ankle is. The answer is it stood up fairly well to a quick march, but I’ve […]