Friday Five: Big Bangs in the Night

So last night I was lying there and heard a sudden dull thud. After a bit of puzzlement, I realised a can of Sprite had exploded in my fridge. I knew we kept it cold but that’s just nuts. Anyway, it’s been cleared up, I’m letting the Spritecube turn into what is a very strange […]

Not the Friday Five: The No Clever Title Edition

The title says it all. Onto the content. 1. Reviews Interested in some fantastic riffs on the modern world? Maryam at The Curious SFF Reader enjoyed Max Gladstone’s Two Serpents Rise Dark and trad fantasy feeling? Maddalena at Space and Sorcery talks up Devin Madson’s We Ride The Storm Some YA investigating gay identity? BiblionerdReflections […]

Not The Friday Five: Can’t Stop Falling In Love With You Edition

I have an excellent excuse for being late this week. It’s been my anniversary. Six years of being married to one of the most rambunctious, funny, enthusiastic, prettiest and friendliest humans I know. It’s been a busy weekend, doing everything from playing with our nephews to eating very good seafood to playing some Ingrid Michaelson. […]

Not The Friday Five: The Skies Are Mean Edition

They really are. Today’s sky looks like misted over glass, colourless and oppressive. But you live on the earth. The sky might come after your mood, but it can’t touch you if you remember that and keep moving. Wisdom about the vagaries of life or mumbo-jumbo? I hope both. In the mean time, here’s the […]

Not The Friday Five: The Churn It Out Edition

This is a bit of a light week, the sort where I’d often roll things over. But I’ve just got enough to share, and some of it was so cool I want to share now. Besides, maybe less links is a good thing? Less overload on what to click? Let me know if you have […]

Friday Five: Super Plumber Edition

Hello all. Today The American took me to see the new Super Mario Bros movie. We thought it rocked. I’m generally against the never-ending stream of franchise tie-ins, but they do bring people a ton of joy done well and so it was here. Ton of joy? That’s a bit optimistic for this week’s Friday […]

Friday Five: No Sleep When Meowin’

Hello all. Friday has been spent listening to the complaints of my wife, who was rudely prevented from sleeping in today by a tiny gremlin with a big voice. I was already out of bed, but it has still become my problem. Hopefully nobody is making you get out of bed early this weekend, so […]

Friday Five: During the Rain Edition

Hello all. There’s a new VNV Nation album out soon, and there’s a single from it called Before The Rain. Looking outside says we’re one step beyond that. It is absolutely disgusting and I sometimes wonder if there’s anywhere else I could have gone on earth that mirrored the British climate more closely than Pittsburgh. […]

Friday Five: Swim For Shore Edition

Hello all. This isn’t the longest edition of Friday Five ever. This week has been spent in cycles of feeling too tired to do anything and too bored to rest, too sore to exercise fully and too full of energy to rest. Its the physical and mental landscape for quality procrastination. Still, I’ve got a […]