Friday Five: Steal This Moment From You Edition

Hello all. It’s 2 in the morning and I’m finishing up this week’s edition. We’re lying in the scantly illuminated dark, trying to wind down. I’m listening to Placebo’s cover of Running Up That Hill. You might have guessed I was listening to that song. Our life is made up of moments. We spend them […]

Not The Friday Five: The Boring Title Edition

Hello all. There is not an interesting title. There is not interesting news. But there are interesting links, so let’s get cracking. 1. Blog of the week time and this week it goes to A Sky of Books and Movies by Jeroen Admiraal. Jeroen does a wonderful line in old school fantasy review that are […]

Friday Five: The Good Things Shall Come Edition

Hi all. I feel like I know quite a few people struggling with the old daily grind right now. Maybe that’s coincidence. Or maybe part of it’s this time of year, as the darkness closes in and our pace of activity slows. In any case, for all of us who need this right now – […]

Friday Five: Fighting Time Edition

The world remains up and down as I try to get the small details of life nailed down (step one: pick up life’s hammer). But that has resulted in plenty of reading which, combined with missing a week, gives a decent amount of links for you to peruse. Lets get into it. 1. Blog of […]

Friday Five: World Gone Mad Edition

Hello all. No real interesting thoughts at the top this week, but I’ve been reading Moving Pictures and love this exchange ‘Why is it all Mr Dibbler’s films are set against the background of a world gone mad?’ said the dwarf. Soll’s eyes narrowed. ‘Because Mr Dibbler’, he growled, ‘is a very observant man.’ So […]

Friday Five: Anachronistic and Impulsive Edition

I am struggling with a sense of panic and floundering right now. Hadn’t meant to spill but having just read this mental health thread from Luke Tarzian, it just popped out. I’ve been refusing to let it get on the bus for a couple of weeks but while the power of self-shaped realities can go […]

Friday Five: The Attenuation Edition

It’s a good word, attenuation. The length and feel of it makes it sound like what it means. You start with one thing and at the end, what was there is less. Reduced. What isn’t reduced is the amount of posts I have to share with you after missing a week, so get in the […]

Friday Five: It’s All In The Timing Edition.

A good day to you all. This Friday Five comes from a booth in Brewdog Pittsburgh, staring at the pinball machines and trying to get ahead of my blogging. It’s a little difficult, but like pinball, if you know when to strike it’s amazing what you can get done. I know that because I’ve not […]