Book Reviews

Over the years I’ve managed to get a few reviews posted up here. Enough that it seemed to make sense to provide a directory to allow people to look through the archives and find them easily. So voila.

For your information – reviews are listed alphabetically by author surname (except for comics) and may appear in multiple categories if it makes sense. Comics are listed by title due to tangled authorship lists. Anthologies are listed under anthology. Co-authored works appear under the alphabetically first author’s name.

Note – this is still somewhat under construction

Fantasy Reviews

Daniel Abraham
A Shadow in Summer

Day Al-Mohamed
The Labyrinth’s Archivist

Poul Anderson
Three Hearts and Three Lions
The Broken Sword

Lloyd Alexander
The Book of Three

Victoria Aveyard
Realm Breaker

James Barclay
Heart of Granite

Leigh Bardugo
King of Scars

RJ Barker
Age of Assassins
Blood of Assassins
King of Assassins
The Bone Ships

Susan Boulton

Leigh Brackett
The Sword of Rhiannon

Marie Brennan
Turning Darkness Into Light
Cold-Forged Flame

Lois McMaster Bujold
The Curse of Chalion
Paladin of Souls
Penric’s Demon
Penric and the Shaman

Emma Bull
War For The Oaks

Miles Cameron
Cold Iron

C.M. Caplan
Sword in the Street

Jacqueline Carey
Kushiel’s Dart
Kushiel’s Chosen

M.A. Carrick
Mask of Mirrors

Melissa Caruso
The Tethered Mage

S.A. Chakraborty
The City of Brass

Robert W. Chambers
The King in Yellow

Joy Chant
The High Kings

C.J. Cherryh
Gate of Ivrel
Well of Shiuan

Zen Cho
The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water

Cassandra Clare
Lord of Midnight

P. Djèlí Clark
A Dead Djinn in Cairo

Susannah Clarke

Bernard Cornwell
The Winter King

Edward Cox
The Relic Guild

John Crowley
The Deep

S.L. Dove Cooper
Sweetness Bled and Brindled
The Shimmering Prayer of Sûkiurâq

Aliette de Bodard
House of Shattered Wings
House of Binding Thorns
House of Sundering Flames
Of Dragons, Feasts, and Murders
Servant of the Underworld
Fireheart Tiger

Sebastian de Castell

Stephen Deas
The Moonsteel Crown

Seth Dickinson
The Traitor Baru Cormorant

Nicholas Eames
Kings of the Wyld

David Eddings
Pawn of Prophecy
The Ruby Knight
The Malloreon

E.R. Eddison
The Worm Ouroboros

Kate Elliott
Black Wolves

Raymond E. Feist
Queen of Storms

Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts
Daughter of the Empire
Servant of the Empire

John M. Ford
The Dragon Waiting

T. Frohock
In Midnight’s Silence

David Gemmell
The Legend of Deathwalker
Quest for Lost Heroes
Winter Warriors
Swords of Night and Day
Echoes of the Great Song
Knights of Dark Renown
Lord of the Silver Bow
Shield of Thunder
Fall of Kings
Wolf in Shadow
The Last Guardian
Lion of Macedon
Sword in the Storm

William Goldman
The Princess Bride

AJ Grimmelhaus
Angel’s Truth

Gu Long
Heroes Shed No Tears

AJ Hackwith
Library of the Unwritten

Sam Hawke
Hollow Empire

Tyler Hayes
The Imaginary Corpse

Saad Z. Hossain
The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday

Mark Huntley-James
Hell of a Deal

James Islington
The Shadow of What Was Lost

Brian Jacques
Mariel of Redwall
Martin the Warrior

NK Jemisin
The Killing Moon

Cam Johnston
The Maleficent Seven

Dan Jones

Robert Jordan
The Eye of the World
The Great Hunt

Guy Gavriel Kay
The Summer Tree
The Wandering Fire
The Darkest Road
A Song for Arbonne
Children of Earth and Sky
A Brightness Long Ago

Katherine Kerr
A Time of Exile
A Time of Omens
A Time of War
A Time of Justice
The Red Wyvern

T Kingfisher
Paladin’s Grace

R.F. Kuang
The Poppy War

Ellen Kushner

Mercedes Lackey
The Mage Storms Trilogy
Darian’s Tale Trilogy
Exile’s Honour
Exile’s Valour
The Collegium Chronicles
Closer To Home
Closer to the Heart
Closer to the Chest
Brightly Burning

A.K. Larkwood
The Unspoken Name

Mark Lawrence
Prince of Fools

Ann Leckie
The Raven Tower

Fonda Lee
Jade City

Tanith Lee
Night’s Master

Ursula Le Guin
The Tombs of Atuan
The Farthest Shore

Fritz Leiber
Swords And Deviltry

David Lindsay
A Voyage to Arcturus

Arthur Machen
The Great God Pan

Laurie Marks
Fire Logic

G.R. Matthews
The Stone Road

Michael McClung
The Thief Who Pulled On Trouble’s Braids

Patricia McKillip
The Book of Atrix Wolfe

Peter McLean
Priest of Bones

Abraham Merritt
– The Ship of Ishtar

Hope Mirrlees
Lud in the Mist

Michael Moorcock
The Knight of Swords
Elric of Melnibone

C.L. Moore
Jirel of Joiry

Erin Morgernstern
The Night Circus

Peter Morwood
The Horse Lord

William Morris
The Wood Beyond The World

Garth Nix
The Left-Handed Booksellers of London

Daniel E. Olesen
The Eagle’s Flight

Shelley Parker-Chan
She Who Became The Sun

Tamora Pierce
Alanna: The First Adventure
In The Hand of the Goddess
The Woman Who Rides Like A Man
Lioness Rampant

Daniel Polansky
The Straight Razor Cure

Kit Power
A Warning

Tim Powers
The Anubis Gates

Sir Terry Pratchett
Men At Arms
Feet of Clay
Feet of Clay 2
The Fifth Elephant
Night Watch
Equal Rites
Wyrd Sisters
Carpe Jugulum
The Shepherd’s Crown
Reaper Man
The Hogfather
Thief of Time
The Colour of Magic
The Light Fantastic
Monstrous Regiment

M.D. Presley
The Woven Ring

Hannu Rajaniemi

Robert Rankin
The Antipope

Joanna Russ
The Adventures of Alyx

Enock Simbaya
Nasomi’s Quest

Robert Silverberg
The Book of Skulls

Anna Stephens
The Stone Knife

Francis Stevens
The Citadel of Fear

Andrea Stewart
The Bone Shard Daughter

Sam Sykes
Seven Blades in Black

Tasha Suri
Empire of Sand

J.R.R. Tolkien
The Fellowship of the Ring

Jack Vance
Mazirian the Magician/Dying Earth

Jeff VanderMeer

Helene Wecker
The Golem and the Djinni

Megan Whalen Turner
The Thief

Thaddeus White
The Adventures of Sir Edric

Bryan Wigmore
The Goddess Project
The Empyreus Proof

Jen Williams
The Ninth Rain

Janny Wurts
Sorcerer’s Legacy

Jane Yolen
Dragon’s Blood

Micah Yongo
Pale Kings

Jo Zebedee
Waters and the Wild

Aleksandr Žiljak
As The Distant Bells Toll

Sci-Fi Reviews

Day Al-Mohamed
The Labyrinth’s Archivist


Leigh Brackett
The Sword of Rhiannon

Lois McMaster Bujold
Shards of Honour
Warrior’s Apprentice
The Vor Game

Philip K. Dick
A Scanner Darkly

Amal el-Mohtar and Max Gladstone
– This Is How You Lose The Time War

David Lindsay
A Voyage to Arcturus

Lina Rather
Sisters of the Vast Black

Joanna Russ
The Adventures of Alyx

Catherynne M. Valente
Silently and Very Fast

Jo Zebedee
Abendau’s Heir
Abendau’s Legacy

Mystery Reviews

Kerry Buchanan
Knife Edge

Andrea Camilleri
The Shape of Water
Voice in the Night

RJ Dark
A Numbers Game

Lindsey Davis
The Silver Pigs
Shadows in Bronze
Venus in Copper
The Iron Hand of Mars

Rosalie Knecht
Who is Vera Kelly

John le Carré
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Charlie Owen
Horse’s Arse

Dame Stella Rimington
At Risk

Other Fiction Reviews

Joy Chant
The High Kings

Bernard Cornwell
Sharpe’s Eagle
Sharpe’s Gold
Sharpe’s Company
The Winter King

Lindsey Davis
The Silver Pigs
Shadows in Bronze
Venus in Copper
The Iron Hand of Mars

Rosemary Sutcliff
Dawn Wind
Knight’s Fee
The Armourer’s House
Warrior Scarlet

Comic Reviews

Artesia by Mark Smylie

Asterix Readthrough Books 9 to 12

Constantine by Jamie Delano
John Constantine, Hellblazer: Original Sins

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, Mike Carey and Glenn Fabry

Sandman by Neil Gaiman
Preludes and Nocturnes

Sláine by Pat Mills and Various Artists

Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

Non-Fiction Reviews

Rachael Aaron
2K to 10K: Writing Faster, Better, And Writing More Of What You Love

Brian Attebery
Stories About Stories

Andrew Collins
The Black Alchemist

Bruce Dickinson
What Does This Thing Do?

Nud Dudhia and Chris Whitney
Breddos Tacos: The Cookbook

Ruth Goodman
How To Behave Badly in Renaissance Britain

Kathryn Hume
Mimesis and Fantasy

Edward James and Farah Mendlesohn
A Short History of Fantasy

Richard Kacynzski

Karl Marlantes
What Is It Like To Go To War

Jay Rayner
My Dining Hell
Ruined Nights and Wasted Calories

Tansy Rayner-Roberts
Pratchett’s Women

Donald P. Ryan
24 Hours in Ancient Egypt

Alison Weir
Eleanor Aquitaine: By the Wrath of God, Queen of England

Jamie Williamson
The Evolution of Modern Fantasy: From Antiquarianism to the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series

Yijie Zhuang
24 Hours in Ancient China