In the Hand of the Goddess by Tamora Pierce

It’s time for some more Alanna talk. And in doing so, give away everything about book one if you haven’t read it. If that bothers you, look away now. The first book in this series, Alanna: The First Adventure, covered the period between Alanna going to the palace and officially becoming a squire, and was […]

March 2021 Round Up

One always forgets just how much being ill wipes you out until it actually happens. The last days of March passed in pain and high toilet paper usage and with them, passed a lot of my actual memory of March itself. It doesn’t help that it was a stressy one too; figuring out whether to […]

The Fifth Elephant by Sir Terry Pratchett

Reviews deep into a series can be tricky. How much information from prior books can one assume is sloshing around your reader’s brain? How much of it’s sloshing around the reviewer’s? Striking a balance between reviewing the book in its own right and reviewing it as a step along a road is not always easy. […]

#musicmonday – The Genuine Pulse by Borknagar

Welcome all to a suspiciously on time Music Monday, an idea that originated at The Tattooed Book Geek – ‘just a nobody with a blog’ ( I’ve no idea how on earth I remembered this was Monday given it’s a Bank Holiday. Anyway, as the musical journey of Peat continues, it’s time to talk Black Metal. […]

Friday Five: This Feature Needs A New Name Edition

A week’s gone missing, thanks to food poisoning. This is late, partly thanks to not stopping to consider that Thai food and a stomach weakened by food poisoning may not be friends. (Also actual friends, who made me a birthday cake which is very nice of them). Why are you even reading anymore? Nevertheless, it […]

My Top 35 Fantasy Series/Books

This being a good day of the year for me to take stock, and with me short of inspiration, I thought I’d go ahead and do a little filler/stocktake, and post my own personal favourite top best most objectively approved 35 fantasy series and books of all time. Note Series and Books – I’m not […]

Late #musicmonday – Legion by VNV Nation

Hi all! As I return to blogging after a brief hiatus inspired by many, many visits to the loo to deliver loads of liquid excrement, I’ve decided to celebrate by doing what I do best. Giving the people what they don’t want. As such, welcome to a very late Music Monday, an idea that originated […]

FF Story Winner: A Sting in the Tail by David MacPherson

I have been a member of the Fantasy Faction forum for getting on for five years now and one of the best things about the communityhas been the writing contest. Contest winners were posted on the website but that hasn’t happened for a while, so I’ve been asked to fill in. It’s an honour to do so, and […]

The Horse Lord by Peter Morwood

Once upon a time, there was a second hand book shop in Newport on the Isle of Wight that was like manna from heaven to me. There’s a fair few things that I learned of thanks to that shop; Katherine Kerr, old White Dwarves, not to pick up Gor novels. One of those things was […]