The Art Collector by Katelyn Brehm

Now it only seems fair to note that usually when I talk about romance on this blog, I am talking old school about adventure stories, yo.

As such, Katelyn Brehm’s The Art Collector, which is a straight up paranormal romance, is something of a departure for me.

Still, I’ll try anything twice. Besides, Kat is a friend. Friends’ work doesn’t always gel, but it’s nice to give it a go.

Happily, we had some gel here.

The writing is crisp, unfussy, and puts in a lot of description without slowing the story down. It just flows nicely.

The Art Collector is the tale of Madelyn, a contentedly single and busy art evaluator who gets engaged to work on the estate of a mysterious and handsome German noble who lives in a haunted house style affair outside Milwaukee. It seems to be turning into a dream made true until Madelyn realises that Thomas is an incubus, which is less dream made true and more “that sex dream was true”.

Which turns the dream into a nightmare.

Until she decides to make it a dream again.

There are things I wished had been done differently. A novella sized book doesn’t really allow for many twists and turns in the telling. I suspect there’ll be a good audience of people who couldn’t care less, who are happy just to have a nice romance with a little dusting of darkness, but I would have welcome that twist. I’d have also liked to see more of Madelyn’s sense of humour. We get flashes, but the book could have had more.

Still, I wasn’t the target audience. I enjoyed it, but I’m here talking about The Art Collector in the hope there’s a few people around here who are more the target audience. People who want a straight-forwards romance with a hint of the demonic. If that’s you, then go have a look.


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