#musicmonday – You’ve Got The Love by The Source ft Candi Staton

Welcome to another Music Monday, where this time we’re going with a classic single that started as a *checks notes* weight loss commercial.

Yeah, I don’t know if you knew that either. Candi recorded the vocals for a movie about a really, really fat man… and then somehow, someone in England got hold of it and started putting them over house anthems.

The music I chose here is from the 2006 New Voyager mix and I think the gentle, frail nature of those opening chords are what best matches the soaring spiritual resilience of Candi’s vocals and lyrics. It’s the version Florence and the Machine chose to do, which is the version I heard that reminded me I need to talk about this.

But, well, credit to the original, if original is what makes sense in such a situation.

Have good weeks. Make it through.


2 thoughts on “#musicmonday – You’ve Got The Love by The Source ft Candi Staton

  1. Wow, I’d heard the Florence & the Machine version (no ad or the other version) but I’d never paid attention to the lyrics properly.
    Thanks, and I hope you make it through too x

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