Book Haul One

I’ve pretty much never done a book haul post. My circumstances have been very much against the acquisition of physical books recently. Now that’s settling though, I visited a Half-Price Books and set that right, so here’s my very first bo

Let’s talk what I got – particularly as that photo ain’t great! I’ve a lot to learn.

The Baker’s Boy by JV Jones – JV Jones is an author I learnt about from the Best Fantasy Books forum, where she held a lot of respect. That’s just as well, as delays in finishing her series led to her name dropping off the map. That feels like it’d be a big shame as she did achieve a lot of fame for a short moment. I’ve tried her once before without much success but as I like to say, try anything twice save incest and Morris dancing. I can’t actually remember where The Baker’s Boy places in her bibliography but there we go, I’m not fussy about such things.

Dreams Underfoot by Charles de Lint – De Lint has been on my to try list for at least a year for his reputation as an urban fantasy pioneer and a very myth orientated writer. I recently solicited a few recommendations on where to start with him and, needless to say, promptly forgot all of them once in a bookstore. However, the universe delivers, and Dreams Underfoot was indeed the place many recommended to start. By many I mean two, aka the majority. Excited to give this one a go.

Stronghold by Melanie Rawn – The Rawn series I know of is Dragon Prince, which I’ve seen a few people talk up. I had a low key interest in Rawn’s works, which I boosted when I learnt that Brandon Sanderson is a big fan. Not that I’m a big Sanderson fan, but as someone fascinated by influences, reading an author who had such an influence on a currently genre-defining author really appeals. So here we are with Stronghold. Probably won’t be the first I pick up from this list, but definitely interested.

Earthwind by Robert Holdstock – You may know Holdstock from the Mythago Wood series. That’s where I know him from too. But he did do other stuff and getting a chance to pick some of it up for 99 cents was too great a temptation to pass up. I know literally nothing else about this book save it’s by Holdstock and it’s from the era of fantasy where having a lass flash her baps on the cover was all kosher. Maybe she’s gone mad, per the novel tagline?

Foreigner by CJ Cherryh – I’ve enjoyed my trip into Cherryh’s Morgaine Cycle, it’s time to try some other stuff from an undeniable master of SFF. I’d have rather picked up hard copies of Downbelow Station or Dreamstone, but I’m not turning down an opportunity to start one of her most renowned series with Foreigner. What’s it renowned for? Who knows. Very excited to go into a series near blind.

Lord of Emperors by Guy Gavriel Kay – As far as I’m concerned, Guy Gavriel Kay rules okay. I have not read all his bibliography yet – in fact, I’ve taken to trying to only read one new book by him a year to space that pleasure out – but I’m still actively filling out the spaces to make it happen. I’ve read two GGKs this year so I won’t be touching it until January but I am very hype. So hype I might just chuck the one book a year rule out of the window.

Read any of these books? Got some opinions? Share below…


4 thoughts on “Book Haul One

  1. Ohmygawd those covers! **shivers**

    Funny you mention Charles de Lint, I actually meant to ask you about him. I also found 3 books by him in the box that had the Redwall books, but I didn’t bring them over to the UK since I had no space left (10 Redwalls!) I got “The little country”, “Greenmantle” and “Spiritwalk”, they’ll come over next time…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How many books do you have over there?

      And tbh, I like those covers. I like all covers from the age where SFF wanted to be wild and different, even when that means having zero taste.


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