#musicmonday – Kathy’s Song by Apoptygma Berserk (VNV Nation Remix)

Welcome to another music monday, Today we have a paean to what we all want, to be understood without being judged.

Uhm. Not a whole lot of words for this. Most of the comments is filled with “this came on at the club and the universe was in perfect synchronity” and I feel like it is indeed that sort of song, which makes words hard. It’s just one to feel.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, hope you had great weekends and great weeks, and find your happiness where ever it is.


4 thoughts on “#musicmonday – Kathy’s Song by Apoptygma Berserk (VNV Nation Remix)

  1. Aaaahhhhh I love AB when I’m in need of de-stressing in an energetic way!!! My first gf burned this CD for me.
    After a very long day of travelling I’m not listening to this now (not the best before sleep haha), I just had to say this…
    Wow, the music commonalities we have that I’m discovering, quite surprising!

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      1. I knew you’d been in Portugal recently at the time, but wasn’t sure that was the exact trip in question. Now time to listen to these songs


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