Friday Five: Steal This Moment From You Edition

Hello all. It’s 2 in the morning and I’m finishing up this week’s edition. We’re lying in the scantly illuminated dark, trying to wind down. I’m listening to Placebo’s cover of Running Up That Hill. You might have guessed I was listening to that song.

Our life is made up of moments. We spend them recklessly, like a billionaire might let a dropped copper bounce away. Quite right too. But the individual moment can be worth everything. I’m here asking you to spend some moments to appreciate some of the cool stuff from around t’internet, but I’m also going to ask you to spend a few moments here and there on focusing on those great moments that were worth everything. Doing so won’t heal everything, but I think not doing so prevents it from happening. And what are we doing if we’re not appreciating the happy moments among the difficulties?

Hippie happiness aside, let’s talk some fantasy stuff

1. Reviews

We open this week with something a little unusual and off-kilter, as you’ll see if you click the link to Jamedi at A Vueltas por los Mundos’ review of E Rathke’s Glossolalia (Don’t Scream It On the Mountain)

The hype continues for Empire of Exiles with Nicole over at Thoughts Stained With Ink – not that I read just yet, people have convinced me I’ll be trying this one so I’m now avoiding all chat about it

Interested in the anthology Africa Risen? Katie at A Cupful of Cyanide tells you a little about it.

Looking for a spy biography? Laura at the Corner of Laura is dead impressed with Arthur Magida’s Code Name Madeleine

And I wasn’t expecting to include recs for Stark Trek-esque erotica but after reading CT Phipps at Before We Go Reviewing Sarah Hawke’s The Lost Fleet: Incursion, here we are

2. Bookish Stuff

Imyril at One More talks ten of her favourite small presses

Speaking of small presses, Cate Pearce is guesting at Beneath A Thousand Skies to talk about hers

Looking for a name for your reading addiction other than book worm? Check out this rather cool list of what we’re called in various countries

Fan of some romantic moments? Juliana Spink-Mills looks at five great first kisses

Interested in some weird stuff? The Orangutan Librarian lets you know what weird stuff interested him

Over at the Fantasy Hive, there’s a great guest post from Alice Levy talking about anxiety and writing

3. Releases and Shorts

There’s a new S&S magazine in town called New Edge, so go check them out

A big congrat to friend of the blog Kat, who sees her first pro story go live in the anthology Forgotten Lore – here’s the Amazon US link

We’ve also got a lovely slice of life thing from Premee Mohamed in Augur called The Youngest son Misses his Boat to the Crusades

4. Esoterica

Want to know about some lesser known female fairies? British Fairies has you covered.

And here is the link to Julia’s original

Do you like Death-Doom metal? If the answer is yeah, check out AngryMetalGuy’s review of Uvod by Tishina

5. A personal update so I can remember what I watched/listened to etc.etc.

Which is close to nothing.

But the one thing I did watch was some episodes of Andor, but only some, due to a curious phenomenon I want to hear some feedback from. Do you ever find there are some stories that are utterly absorbing while you’re with them, but you have practically no urge to continue with after that book or episode is done? I thought of a book series where that’s true – Dickinson’s Baru Cormorant – so it’s on my mind. Am I weird, or is this a thing?

And with that it’s a wrap, so have great weekends all, I’ve got to go see someone about renting a flat…


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