Not The Friday Five: The Boring Title Edition

Hello all. There is not an interesting title. There is not interesting news.

But there are interesting links, so let’s get cracking.

1. Blog of the week time and this week it goes to A Sky of Books and Movies by Jeroen Admiraal. Jeroen does a wonderful line in old school fantasy review that are neither over-nostalgic or over-critical; enjoying them for what they are, but calling them out when not good enough. His recent look at Michael Moorcock’s Elric and The Sandman are good examples of that, and if you enjoy them I thoroughly recommend hitting that follow button.

2. Reviews

You know we’re featuring lots of Notorious Sorcerer news here, so lets see what Susy’s Cozy World made of it

At Beneath A Thousand Skies, Rowena has a copy of Dan Fitzgerald’s The Delve

There’s some happy heist reading for Jodie at Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub with Dan Koboldt’s Silver Queendom

Over at Quill to Live, Andrew discusses how CT Rwizi’s Primeval Fire concludes a trilogy he calls his ‘ace in the hole’ recommendation

And last but not least, almost pride of place in fact, goes to this very spoilery but excellent look by Martin at The Fantasy Hive at Nine Princes in Amber, looking specifically at Tarot and Noir influences – take a bow

3. Items of Bookish Interest

There’s a fascinating look over at Science Fiction and Other Ruminations over the process involved in getting Ursula le Guin’s works published in communist East Germany

Over at Calmgrove, Lizzie Ross takes us around the world in fantasy books as part of Witch Week

Want to see how Jane Austen wrote about her own society nights? Look at Letters of Note

Alsi I know some of us are going to Mastodon as a back-up plan for bookish talking online, and I know some are finding it confusing, so here’s some notes on Mastodon from Dipti at The Black Deep and also a useful twitter thread.

4. The Miscellany is very art heavy this week…

5. Let’s end with a bookish question – if you could use inception to plant any one book idea in an author’s head, so they publish the one book you want to read most in the world… what would it be?

Feel free to use a time machine to reach the author while alive.

I’d love to see a Pratchett City Watch book focused on Carrot running things without Vimes around and on Carrot and Angua, or a GGK book that re-embraces lots of fantasy and explores ideas of witches and spirits. So feel free to give more than one answer.

That’s it, sorry it’s a little late, but hope you enjoy anyway.


13 thoughts on “Not The Friday Five: The Boring Title Edition

  1. Re 5, Greg Stafford and/or Sandy Petersen to write many, many novels set in their Glorantha (Runequest) world, or if they’re no good at novel writing, get someone else to do so. (Sorry, I know that’s cheating a bit.)

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