Friday Five: Fighting Time Edition

The world remains up and down as I try to get the small details of life nailed down (step one: pick up life’s hammer). But that has resulted in plenty of reading which, combined with missing a week, gives a decent amount of links for you to peruse.

Lets get into it.

1. Blog of the week time. It’s great when people you admire share your work. It’s even better when they then link you to their great work, and this is what happened when Dr Palmer-Patel shared this article On The Last Honourable Man in Westeros. Which then resulted in me finding her article on The Use and Abuse of Dragons. Then reading through a lot of other things, which is why Doc Fantasy Reads is blog of the week.

2. Reviews

Want a comic about Soviet WW2 female pilots? Beth at Before We Go looks at Garth Ennis’ and Russ Braun’s The Night Witches

Want a book about Final Girls? Foxes and Fairy Tales reviews three books with that in the title

Want a book with some rock and roll? Jodie at Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub has you with Grady Hendrix’s We Sold Our Souls

Want a book with swasbuckling alchemists? Nicole at Thoughts Stained With Ink gives her thoughts on Davinia Evans’ Notorious Sorcerer

Maybe a murder mystery is your thing? HC Newton at The Irresponsible Reader talks Richard Osman’s The Bullet That Missed

Or perhaps you want some British horror? Imyril at One More dives into British Horror anthology This Dreaming Isle.

Last but not least, what about fun Sci-Fi? Para at Other Worlds reckons that’s just what Everina Maxwell’s Ocean’s Echo offers.

3. Bookish Shit

Krysta at Pages Unbound offers a wonderful look at what she misses about reading as a child

Want your book reviewed? Dave at Espresso Coco has some tips

I rather enjoyed Jen Albert talking about her role as an acquisitions editor

I also enjoyed The Coy Caterpillar Reads’ round up of the best indie horror releases of the last three years

Looking for book events to take part in this November? Calmgrove offers a round up of them while Runalong Womble is launching a Small Press event this year.

And finally a resource for all people interested in interviews – hats off to Travis at The Fantasy Inn for this comprehensive look

4. Esoterica Cats

5. Finally a grab bag of personal stuff

  • I am exploring the idea that Pratchett’s Witches series and Watch series are kind of mirror opposites, as the Witches is about someone who strips away the illusions of evil oppressors to protect people and the Watch is about someone who projects and makes real the illusions of civilisation to protect people from evil oppressors who act without any
  • I have started rewatching Taskmaster and am laughing an indecent amount
  • Finally, it’s been a while since I’ve given you a list of top food items to debate on, so here goes – my best fruit. Let me know your agreements and violent disagreements
    1. Apples – I am particular about apples, but a good hard acidic apple is the king of all fruit to me
    2. Mango – Would be as good if it came as easy to eat, and probably the best fruit for turning into flavours. Mango juice is fantastic, Mango lassi is fantastic, dark chocolate coated dried mango is fantastic, etc.etc.
    3. Lime – Equally fantastic if not better as a flavour, but balls as a fruit, so lime comes in behind mango
    4. Strawberries – A very versatile and delightful fruit. We stuck strawberry syrup in the Moscow Mules at my wedding and it was delightful.
    5. Watermelon – There is no greater delight than destroying a box of cut up watermelon on a warm day

That’s it! Have great weekends all.


8 thoughts on “Friday Five: Fighting Time Edition

  1. Woohoo, hard acidic apple club! Though I’d place strawberries above apples personally. Lime on the other hand is something I prefer as an ingredient of a dish or cocktail rather than the main flavour – it can really kick things up a notch but by itself I find it very meh.

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