Friday Five: World Gone Mad Edition

Hello all. No real interesting thoughts at the top this week, but I’ve been reading Moving Pictures and love this exchange

‘Why is it all Mr Dibbler’s films are set against the background of a world gone mad?’ said the dwarf.
Soll’s eyes narrowed. ‘Because Mr Dibbler’, he growled, ‘is a very observant man.’

So that’s the name of this edition

1. We have a blog of the week, and that blog is Alex’s blog At Boundary’s Edge. I’ve casually known Alex for a bit on the Fantasy Fiction forums, but it’s only recently I’ve been noticing a bunch of interesting stuff from him. You know I’m a sucker for looking at the wider genre rather than just individual books, so I enjoyed his posts on Science-Fiction Questions and From Pulp to Literary Classic: How We Apply Labels & Why They Matter. So here’s a shoutout for Alex, who’s also had a lot of good milestones recently – here’s hoping things keep going his way.

2. Reviews

At Before We Go, they have many good things to say about Trudie Skies’ gaslamp fantasy The Thirteenth Hour

Looking for some short fiction? Doomscribe covers some shorts from Abercrombie, Butcher, Tchaikovsky, and a long from Ciel Pielrot in his round up

Want some YA/MG? HC Newton at Irresponsible Reader has a look at BB Alston’s Amari and the Great Game

Rapunzel retellings? The Orangutan Librarian has you covered with Alexandra Christo’s Princess of Souls

Maybe a classic mystery? Asha at A Cat, A Book, and A Cup Of Tea just read Sebastian Farr’s Death on the Downbeat


Alligators and Aneurysms has a list of djinn orientated fantasy

Calmgrove ponders the use of Herne the Hunter and the Horned God in Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising

Caroline Furlong has a list of some of Sci-Fi’s strong female characters

Juliana Spink-Mills compares the characterisation in Rings of Power and House of the Dragon


5. Well I said I’d start reversing the fifth point occasionally for talking about my week occasionally, so let’s do so.

I’ve started watching a bit more TV and playing a bit more Fall Guys recently, as ways of letting my mind decompress. I’ve picked Cowboy Bebop and Avatar: The Last Airbender for watching. The American has picked Vampire Academy, which is a masterclass of how a well-paced plot can make a show interesting in spite of significant flaws in just about every other possible field. And tomorrow, we’re off to watch some hockey!

Other than that it’s been the usual round of procrastination and writing. I’m trying to get more exercise, see if that can reduce my stress levels a bit and make me feel a bit better, but that’s about it.

But maybe once I get into the practice of remembering my weeks, I’ll start remembering more…

Anyway, that’s it for this week, have great weekends everyone.


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