Friday Five: The River Rolls On Edition

No intro this week, just straight into it

1. Reviews

Dave as Espresso Coco is back on the horse and telling us all about Jackson Ford’s A Shitload of Crazy Powers

I can’t look at this review of Nghi Vo’s Into The Riverlands yet as I wish to read it unspoiled, but I bet Katie at A Cupful of Cyanide has some good thoughts on it

At Before We Go, John Mauro is talking about a book that made him – Umberto Ecco’s The Name of the Rose

Maddalena at Space and Sorcery has just discovered T. Kingfisher’s Nettle and Bone, and is planning to discover more

Caitlin at Realms of my Mind found Tasha Suri’s The Oleander Sword to be full of tension

Do you know anyone getting excited about a new Dragonlance trilogy? No, me neither. Jodie at Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub would never get all excited by Weis and Hickman’s Dragons of Deceit.

2. More bookish stuff

You know this is a Discworld shrine, so I was delighted to see someone else expressing some of the same emotions I felt at reading Sir Pterry’s The Shepherd’s Crown – go to Track of Words to see more

One for my fellow book bloggers who might be thinking of going self-hosted – Yesha at Books, Teacups and Reviews gives some pros and cons

Speaking of book bloggers, Celeste at A Literary Escape is continuing to host guest posts, one from Dusty at Eye Rolling Demigod (what a name) and one from Ariana at the Quaint Book Nook (who you may well know if you read here regularly)

And lets give a shoutout to Briana and K at Pages Unbound who are behind the book blogger support, and who are doing some good round ups of their own with this 10 posts you might have missed in September

Fancy a look at some history? Lithub has an interesting read on how German writers and poets revolutionised 18th century literature

3. Authory stuff

While doing influences research, I found this intriguing post by Elizabeth Moon on the appeal of good characters

Finally, when in doubt, just look through some of Terri Windling’s collected quotes on writing

4. Esoterica

Do you love street food? Do you love Vietnamese food? No? I mourn for you. But click this link and maybe you will and maybe you’ll get serious food envy from the Poet of Cuisine’s discovery of some Street Food from Saigon – Keu – in London town.

5. Finally, to end on a personal note, I had some banging Carne Asada yesterday and am now thinking about of my favourite things, which is beef. Does Carne Asada make the grade as a top five beef dish? Let’s find out.

  1. Burnt Ends – I very rarely get good burnt ends, those unctuous treats from the end of a barbecued brisket, but oh my gods are they something when I do
  2. Beef Wellington – There’s something about this dish that screams decadence to me. The pastry adn the mushrooms just really bring out the natural richness of beef.
  3. Beef Suya – A recent discovery before I left London, this spicy peanutty African dish is really moreish and I’m going to have to learn to make it myself
  4. Weeping Tiger Beef – God bless Thailand is all I can see. Sweet, spicy, and all that soy and fish sauce just makes the beef sing
  5. Steak – This one almost feels like a cop out but the truth is good steak just doesn’t need a whole bunch of help. There’s a bunch of good ways you can do so, but sometimes a well salted well cooked steak is all the world needs. Particularly in sandwich form.

So that means today Carne Asada doesn’t make it. Neither does Beef Rendang, Beef Ho-Fun, my favourite beef taco recipe, a good old Sunday dinner, hamburgers, chilli con carne, salt beef bagels… the list goes on. So let me know your five favourite beef dishes in the comments below, so the list can get even longer.

That’s it, have great weekends everyone.


7 thoughts on “Friday Five: The River Rolls On Edition

  1. I do wonder what you mean by Carne Asada… “Carne assada” simply means “roast beef “…

    And I love discovering things in all this randomness!

    Liked by 1 person

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