Top 5 Tuesday: Things a Bookworm Would Never Do

Welcome to Top Five Tuesday, where the topic are things a bookworm would never do. I have to admit, I didn’t quite get these topics, but now I’ve seen Meeghan’s take on it this week, I have to join in.

So here’s five things I realise I probably shouldn’t have done but did anyway and you know what?

1. Steal a book from the library

Forgive me for taking the easy route out, but I’m just going to copy paste from an earlier post of mine:

“So… I had a pretty well stocked library at school, and among its contents was one of my favourite books, Robert Jordan’s The Shadow Rising. The series peaked there for me. I took it out many times. But one time, as I fished it out of my schoolbag at home, I realised that an ink cartridge must have burst because one of the pages was, er, well…

I saw my options as give the book back and get a bollocking, or keep the book and maybe not get the bollocking. And yeah, keep the book. So I still have an ink stained copy of The Shadow Rising, and hopefully always will.”

2. Read books out of order

I read books out of order. I do it all the time. Sometimes I do it on accident.

And sometimes I start with book seven of a series on purpose.

Way I see it, everytime I start a new author, I’m trying to find out whether I gel with them in the most efficient way. Series openings tend to be cloaked in convention and being edited to a razor sharp point. But how an author brings people back into a story they’ve already been telling seems to be more idiosyncratic, more open to who they are. Authors who start with lots of in story recap are rarely authors that make me happy.

Plus it opens new experiences. I want to read a series backwards, watching how the grizzled veterans I know are shaped and hearing their memories.

And I see nothing wrong with any of this.

3. Lose the Dust Cover

I’ve lost more dust covers than you’ve had hot dinners. I did purposely bring my Night Watch dust cover with me across the Atlantic as that cover is iconic to me, but I’ve less idea when it was on the book than the book itself, and that’s an inanimate object.

4. Leave them for months on end in a stinky rugby kit bag

Goodness, that one is very specific, isn’t it? Nope nope nope, never did that.

5. Recommend some sexy BDSM fantasy to my mum

So youse might know of Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series. It’s one of the minor classics of fantasy, an ornate and very personal type of Epic Fantasy centered around dynastic intrigue, personal discovery, and kinky sex. 10/10 would recommend widely.

Including, in what is in hindsight a total brain fade, to my mum.

I even recall what I was thinking. That society should be open on these matters, that it shouldn’t matter. Has my computer froze while looking for an item to show her on an item with a very explicit title? It sure did, and that was fine, so why not recommend Kushiel’s Dart? I thought it was great, our tastes are fairly similar. I did mention it was a bit risqué, left her to make the call, and gave her the book.

What a brain fade.

To my current great relief, she didn’t like it even before it got raunchy. Didn’t care for the narrator Phedre. Well, fair enough.

But gods, if she had…

Anyway, that’s my five. Let me know what things you’ll shamelessly do…

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Things a Bookworm Would Never Do

  1. Heresy!!!
    The closest I get to “bad things” is… erm… hmmm … I’m sure I’ll think of something… maybe…

    Prefer paperbacks to hardcovers? Is this something a bookworm wouldn’t do?

    Liked by 1 person

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