Friday Five: The Attenuation Edition

It’s a good word, attenuation. The length and feel of it makes it sound like what it means. You start with one thing and at the end, what was there is less. Reduced.

What isn’t reduced is the amount of posts I have to share with you after missing a week, so get in the fast lane as this bingo game is ready to roll.

1. Pride of place as ever goes to people who do my tags, and I was delighted to see the Evil Cat tag has crept into someone else’s affections with an appearance at Read Betwixt Words by Sheri. So go check out her answers and the rest of her stuff.

2. Review time.

At Before We Go, PL Stuart talks about how TH White’s The Once and Future King helped make him.

Over to One Reading Nurse, where Athena has mixed feelings about Stephen Aryan’s The Warrior

Alex at The Quill To Live is pretty upbeat about JT Greathouse’s The Garden of Empire

I’ve no idea what they’re saying about Kerstin Hall’s Second Spear at Superstardrifter as I need to read it first before I look, but I look forwards to looking

There’s been a lot of noise about Shauna Lawless’ The Children of Gods and Fighting Men, so check out this review by Jen at FanFiAddict to find out a bit about it.

Not sure what you want? There’s a good selection in the Monday Minis at Libri Draconis by Fabienne. Bea, you click through in particular, I think the history book sounds very you.

Not the right round up? Then there’s more mini-reviews at Para’s To Other Worlds

3. Other bookish stuff

We’ll lead with a couple of interviews. Nils at T’ Hive is talking to Sunyi Dean, author of The Book Eaters.

And over at FanFiAddict, Cassidee is talking to RR Virdi, author of The First Binding

There’s some thoughts on research into Tolkien and Lewis at Idiosophy

Michael Merriam discusses six books at Nerds of a Feather

4. Miscellany.

5. Well, I’ve reached the end of this one with a section left to fill – not finding many writing tips these days! Friends, if you know of any good blogs to follow for writing advice, let me know. I also might be looking for beta readers on something in a few months if people are interested.

But then again, who knows where I’ll be in a few months? Now that things have calmed down from all the moves and hecticness, I’m doing a mental stock take and looking at ways to restore some of my shattered mental tolerances. Whether writing features in that, and how it features, is a real interesting question. Particularly once I get a job. I hope it does, but sometimes you’ve got to ask yourself questions.

That said, that’s all in the future, and I know one step is living in the now. So I’m going to sign off, wish you all a good weekend, and go do my daily press-ups.

In a few hours.

I swear I’m going to do them.


Got to attenuate the creeping up of age somehow, right?

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Attenuation Edition

  1. Ooooh funnily enough I’d already read a mini-review about that book in a general paper and thought about adding it to my library list! Now with that more detailed description I’ve done it! Thanks!

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