Friday Five: At A Loose End Edition

Hello all. This week I’m trying to get on top of everything, and therefore procrastinating like mad. The good news is plenty of content. So let’s get to it.

1. The blog of the week is Myth & Moor, the home of Terri Windling. I was mainly looking to find a list of Windling’s influences, but instead found an absolute ton of articles I wanted to share with you, like this one on the mystery of stories, or those on judgment and excellence, or this one on the art of Kinuko Y Craft, and I knew I had a blog I had to share with you.

2. Reviews!

Accidental binge reader Dianthaa has fallen for Sherwood Smith’s Inda series.

Yesha at Books, Teacups and Reviews has five reasons for you to read Jordan Ifueko’s Raybearer

Sunyi Dean’s The Book Eaters has made a bit of a splash, so I have double reviews – one from The Quill to Live and one from Doomscribe

Petrik at Novel Notions is enjoying the Wheel of Time with The Lord of Chaos

Last but not least, Jay at Tar Volon has much praise for Shelley Parker-Chan’s She Who became The Sun

3. There’s been a couple of “lift ’em up” events happening in fantasy blogging that deserve a light shone on them.

The first is self-published author appreciation week over at Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub. That link will lead you to the hub so you can find all the content.

Meanwhile the hub for the third week of The Fantasy Hive’s women in SFF is here. I do have to include one specific link as this book tag from Bookforager is delightful

Another thing that is worth lifting up is anything that points out the banally negative waste of time that is the constant wars on book twitter, so I agree with this article


This article on the US adaptation of Princess Mononoke is well worth a read for anyone, but does have some interesting writerly insight

I also enjoyed this Caroline Furlong article on emotional continuity


I loved Calmgrove’s look at an old site of pilgramage

And that’s it. Have fantastic weekends all.


4 thoughts on “Friday Five: At A Loose End Edition

  1. Oooh I checked the A-Z of Bookforager and tried to do the same, but while some letters have an abundance of female writers, I couldn’t fill it all in, it was really really hard! Well done!

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