Friday Five: Far From the Metropolis Edition

Hello all. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these as life has been too busy to blog properly, nevermind read other people’s blogs. But the best way to catch up is to have a reason, so let’s get going with this.

1. It’s been a while since we’ve done a blog of the week but I do have something worth pointing to you this week in HC Newton’s The Irresponsible Reader (a title I wish I’d thought of first). He’s very active and review an interesting array of books, but the main reason I point you at him is his Saturday Miscellanys, which are just my favourite round-ups around. Always guaranteed to find a good nugget there, so give it a visit and have a look.

2. Reviews.

As a raving fanboy when it comes to Saad Z Hossain, I am delighted to see that Doomscribe is joining the club after reading The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday

Also in love for books I love, Susy Cozy World’s is amazed at Lois McMaster Bujold’s The Warrior’s Apprentice

Tabitha at Behind the Pages is reading through Redwall, and recently got to Salamandastron

You might have heard summat about Alex Jennings’ The Ballad of Perilous Graves. If you want to hear more, Jodie at Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub has you covered

And not sure what you want to read? Here’s some book roundups from Dianthaa at Dianthaa Dabbles and Fabienne at Libri Draconis

3. Other bookish stuff including…

Nils at the Fantasy Hive interviewing Kritika H. Rao, author of The Surviving Sky

Back to Dianthaa as she shares her reading of the letters from Jonahan Harker

The Fantasy Inn’s Common Room Chats are back, with Alyc Helms, Marie Brennan, and Rowena Miller talking fashion in fantasy

Also an interesting article on the Dresden Files’ anarchist tendencies at Before We Go


5. When we run out of other things to talk about, we talk food. And in this case, after The American took me for my first post-flight meal at Applebees, I’ve been thinking about chains. So people! Let me know your five favourite chain restaurants. Here’s mine in no particular order…

Five Guys – Cajun fries are great, drink selections awesome, I didn’t love their burgers for the price and they never put on enough bbq sauce, but there was something more-ish about them… I think it’s that they reminded me of American food when I was in London. Will they remain high now I’m in America?

Benito’s Hat – Honestly, could be any burrito chain. If you think I can walk into any of them and know which one I’m at if you blindfold me, you’re wrong. I marginally prefer Benito’s Hat out of my London options, but they’re all damn fine places.

Nandos – It sometimes feels like Nandos is the fish and chips of my generation. It’s where we took all our American visitors in London. You can find the sauce over here now which is great, but I still plan to make my own.

Dishooms – Very small for a chain but definitely in chain territory, particularly if you live in London, this talk on Iranian cafes in Mumbai serves some great food. I am slightly leaning to the idea that sometimes their offerings can be done by your local Indian better and cheaper, but you get to their black daal and their best is amazing.

KFC – All hail fried chicken. There was a KFC opposite my bus stop to the gym and passing it by to lose weight was an emotional hair shit. I considered Morleys as a true son of South London, I considered Popeyes, I even considered pretending I don’t dearly love fried chicken and putting in Wagamama… but the colonel wins it. For now.

That’s it for now, have great weekends all!

8 thoughts on “Friday Five: Far From the Metropolis Edition

    1. Disturbing news. I have to admit I’ve only had KFC this side of the ocean once, and it was good, but there do seem to be better out there just in terms of general fried chicken offering. Maybe it’s going to get dethroned too… Also I’ve only done Texas Roadhouse once, but was impressed with the Chicken Fried Steak I got, I could see myself going back.

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