Not The Friday Five: Quite A Lot To Do Edition

See the title. Let’s go.

1. Reviews

Want to know how one of the greatest fantasy trilogies ends? Zezee is here to talk you about Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Avatar.

Want an opinion on a chonky single book epic? Dylan Marsh at Before We Go is reviewing Samantha Shannon’s Priory of the Orange Tree.

Mini-reviews time! Chris at BiblioNerdReflections is looking at Witchmark, Kiss Tell, and Little Thieves

More multi-book reviews? Imyril at One More has reviewed The Past is Red by Catherynne Valente and Sun-Daughters, Sea-Daughters by Aimee Ogden

Want some fantasy poetry? We do need more. Jodi at Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub has good things to say about the Lexcalibur books by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik.

2. Other bookish stuff

I’ve been waiting for a while to share this after spotting it, but Mayri at Bookforager’s tribute to her best library book ever is just lovely

I also very much enjoyed this tribute to John Le Carre and George Smiley

Finally, want to read some stories? Brian’s “Why I Hate Writing Fantasy Stories” tickled me pink. Meanwhile, Aliette de Bodard has a new short story out called Sword of Bone, Halls of Thorns

3. Speaking of AdB, here is her excellent thread of tips on how to focus on writing discipline

Want to know how trilogies affect book sales? A little here from Peter McLean

4. The Esoterica

Last but not least, Caitlin at Realms of my Mind has a list of hopefully great video games to look forwards to

5. I was going to briefly give my opinion on a writing thing I saw on twitter, but then I decided the person in question was probably provoking for attention so that’s a nah from me.

Instead, here’s my top 5 soups, let me know yours

Lobster Bisque
Clam Chowder

And that’s it. Have a great rest of the weekend all.

11 thoughts on “Not The Friday Five: Quite A Lot To Do Edition

  1. Best soup? The one I make, which I learnt from my mum, who learnt it from her mum…
    Some water in a big pressure cooker and a bunch of vegetables inside (I normally go with carrots, swede, turnip, white cabbage, parsnips, onion, sometimes leeks and whatever else is available). Once everything is boiled soft, turn it into a puree using a handheld blender, add some olive oil and a stock cube, whatever herbs you like, and there you go. Yum.
    Depending on how much water I add (I always guess…) I end up with a ‘normal soup consistency’ or a very thick one, which easily replaces whole meals, hehe

    Oh yes, the book stuff was good too 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I do like Chinese noodle soup, but I feel like it’s too similar to Pho and Ramen, both of which are better, for me to give it its due.


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