#musicmonday – Rohan Themes by Howard Shore

ARTWORK by chic2view from 123RF.com

Hi all, and welcome to another Music Monday, an idea that originated at The Tattooed Book Geek – ‘just a nobody with a blog’ (wordpress.com).

Continuing the fantasy themed songs, it’s to give you a song that will have you ready to charge through Monday, even if it is to ruin and the world’s ending

And that’s it. Forth Eorlingas!

5 thoughts on “#musicmonday – Rohan Themes by Howard Shore

      1. I don’t have a sword 😦
        Although every time I visit the Royal Armouries in Leeds I look at them in the shop… they’re the real thing, so I can’t justify spending >£100 on one hehe

        I did go for a walk at lunchtime, with my hiking poles that I can wave around and pretend they’re swords… don’t get near me, sometimes I look like the village witch lady 😀

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  1. I love the Lord of the Rings soundtrack so much! Even after over a decade, it can still give me goosebumps.

    Have you watched Monoverantus’ Youtube videos on the soundtrack? They’re incredibly detailed and makes you appreciate all the more how much thought went into the music.

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