Friday Five: Spicy Pork and Broccoli Edition

Wotcha all. I’m guessing maybe two readers of this blog at most will get this reference. It’s actually a sports reference so we’ll draw a veil over it, although I’d also note that I’m quite fond of spicy pork and broccoli, although I’ve rarely had them as a combo.

Anyway, that aside, let’s share some links and news.

1. It’s been a while since I’ve done blog of the week because *consults list of excuses* I’m a lazy fuck. But I have a good one so it’s time to bring it back. I’m almost quite reluctant to do so as the individual has a big enough head already, but credit where credit is due – This Literature Life by Dan Jones. No, not that Dan Jones. This Dan Jones, a wonderful SFF author as well as a close friend, has been doing excellent blogging work with his long reads, such as this one on TS Elliott’s The Wasteland, and I also enjoyed this two part blog on Aiming High.

2. Let’s talking reviews, and boy do I have a lot of reviews for you, particularly with Wyrd & Wonder going on.

We’ll start with a review of Ursula Le Guin in which she talks about ST Joshi’s curated collection Lord Dunsany: In The Land of Time and Other Fantasy Tales

Curious about John Gwynne’s The Hunger of the Gods? Lynn has you covered

Mogsy at Bibliosanctum has some glowing things to say about Nettle And Bone by T. Kingfisher

Jennifer Saint’s Elektra gets a great review at Sahi’s World of Books

Lucy Holland’s Sistersong just got paperback and Anna at Libri Draconis is happy about that

Want a story collection? Maddelena at Space and Sorcery recommends Alan Baxter’s The Gulp.

Finally, you’ve read my review of The King of Elfland’s Daughter (I hope), but in case you don’t trust me (fair), Paul Weimer’s review at Skiffy and Fanty is a very good one

3. Now for some more fantasy stuff

I was very much taken with this examination of the Good All Along trope by Peyton at Word Wilderness

Also I found some good stuff while researching influences, such as this interview with Guy Gavriel Kay.

Also cool are these pair of posts on influences for The Beatriceid and Court of Fives by Kate Elliott

Over at Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub, Jodie may have a book or two about dragons to share with you…

Last but not least, some interesting podcasts. I’m terrible about listening to them, but these are inspiring me to get better…

I lied! Actually last (still not least) is a happy book birthday to Jed Herne.

4. Oh dear, I’ve reached the miscellany very early this week.. but it’s a good one!

5. Oh dear, I have somewhat recklessly not achieved five points. So I guess I’ll pick something personal. It’s my fifth wedding anniversary today, and I wish I was doing something cool to celebrate but alas there’s an ocean in the way right now. So cherish your loved ones, those who are close, and those who are far, I commiserate. And if she’s reading this – love you!

And that’s it. Happy weekend all.

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