By the pricking of my head, something fantastic will be read: Wyrd & Wonder Plans

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So by now you know it’s Wyrd & Wonder here. All those headers on everything as I celebrate the launch by sticking out five posts in a day (this will be the fifth). Five years, five posts. Perfect sense innit.

Post number five will be me discussing my Wyrd & Wonder plans, which is definitely the sort of post that requires me to be at my most inventive. In fact, a very rude child of my acquaintance sent me this as her idea of what my plans look like:

Just unnecessary. As it so happens, I have a very long list of Wyrd & Wonder plans, some of which is actually decipherable. The problem is it mostly consists of books I’ve already read.

So we’re back to making shit up, y’all.

This does mean there should be a lot of reviews incoming. I think I’ve got 13 fantasy books with reviews yet to be written from this year. You should see a lot of them this month. While I’m on non-reading plans, there’ll also be a fun Wyrd & Wonder adventure that me and the wisest of bookwyrms, Imyril, will be presenting when it’s ready. There’s also a few essay ideas, maybe a few author influence posts… but I get ahead of myself. Book! The To Be Read pile!

Well, I know I’m reading Guy Gavriel Kay’s The Summer Tree as that’s the readalong I’m taking part in, although it has indeed occurred to me that I could take part without turning a page and do the other one instead. But no. I love this book. I’m quite nervous about how others will feel about it.

Other books that are on the planned list are Tolkien’s Smith of Wootton Major (very foresty, very small), Jacques’ The Bellmaker (next one of my Redwall rereads, which fits perfectly for a prompt), and something in Holdstock’s Mythago Wood Cycle (arguably the most foresty of all fantasy series). That doesn’t mean I’m going to read them, it just means I can stick them down without having to invent plans on the spot.

Other vague plans include reading some very old fantasy – likely George MacDonald and Clark Ashton Smith – and my ARC of Aliette de Bodard’s Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances. I’m also currently reading Pratchett’s Pyramids, Pratchett’s and Gaiman’s Good Omens, and Lee’s Death’s Master, so I suppose I should finish those. But that leaves a lot of space.

So here’s some other books that might be appearing:

Sherwood Smith’s Inda

Melissa McPhail’s Cephrael’s Hand

Nghi Vo’s When The Tiger Came Down The Mountain

Peter Beagle’s The Last Unicorn

And, hmm, well, I’m not sure what else.

The truth is my plans are fluid and I’ll change them for 50p and the right motivation. So if anyone’s got some great recs, let me hear them!

And if you don’t have any, well, let’s see how (un)true these plans turn out to be…

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