Not The Friday Five: Cooped Up Edition

Hello all. I write this from a friend’s office as I wait for the printer to struggle through the various documents I need. I think by the time this post is finished and published I shall be elsewhere, but I’m really not that sure. Outside the sun shines with great enthusiasm. I could be out in it but no, I’ve procrastinated far too much.

Just like I’ve procrastinated about this post. I’ve not been a particularly efficient fellow recently and now must pay the price. Hopefully this is the start of being on time of things, but whatever it is, welcome to a bumper Not The Friday Five.

1. First of all, pride of place absolutely goes to the proliferation of my greatest idea ever, that is the Evil Cat book tag. We’ve got two brand new uses of the tag! Pride is not the word I’m looking for.

The two equally fantastic posts are from The Corner of Laura and Mary And The Words (does this sound like the set list of a pretty sweet Indie gig to you too?) so go and have a look.

And while you’re there, you might as well enjoy a gander around the rest of their sites. I’ve enjoyed a poke around Mary’s Adventure in Tolkien section in particular, and very much admire the Mini Awards format Laura has going on.

2. Time for some reviews.

Tara Sim’s City of Dusk has been on my radar without achieving “must read” status, and if anyone is likewise looking for a critical review to help them decide, this one at Susy’s Cozy World does a good job of explaining where it fell short for her.

Fantasy Literature has a review of Charles de Lint’s Medicine Road, helpful if like me you’re considering trying his work.

For those interested in reading a bunch of short reviews on a positive myriad of topics, Stephen Palmer’s Just Finished Reading is a very good thing to check out, with the most recent being Toby Frost’s The Imposters

Feel like finding out more about the expansive and legendary Sci-Fi series that is CJ Cherryh’s Foreigner? Dianthaa has you covered.

We’ve got two two for ones here. No, not a typo. First off, Bookforager has reviewed both Samantha Shannon’s The Priory of the Orange Tree and Blood Legacy by Tej Turner – and that one was a buddy read, so we’ve also got Ariana at the Book Nook’s review of Blood Legacy too.

3. And now time for some writing articles, or in the first case, a really bloody useful tweet

I also rather liked Juliana’s article on characterisation, particularly in regards to the extent they’re parts of our selves.

Also useful tweets here from Naomi Davis

4. General useful and fun fantasy articles

Here’s an old SFSignal article with genre authors talking about their non-genre influences

Tessa at Narratess has a list of six of her favourite Indie authors (also I literally just got the play on ways in Narratess, I’m so smart)

Jodie at Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub seems to be outdoing herself with her focus on High & Epic Fantasy

Now back to Juliana for some books that feature Green Magic

5. And finally a few bits and pieces of randomness.

Here’s a Pellicle article on the banked beers of North England.

And that’s it! Have a great weekend, have a great May… and for those of us doing Wyrd & Wonder, can’t wait to start seeing your posts!

9 thoughts on “Not The Friday Five: Cooped Up Edition

    1. Tbh I’m not sure that I’d have got it if I hadn’t accidentally tried to enter your site url as Narratress, then I was like “that’s wrong… it’s Narratess… WAIT A MINUTE”.

      And you’re welcome. And that infographic is great, innit


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