Not The Friday Five: You Don’t Want To Know Edition

Hello all. As the astute – and less astute – and just generally compos mentis – of you will notice, it’s not Friday at the time of publication. Nor is it even at the time of writing. I could tell you why but in a rare fit of civilised behaviour, I’ve decided none of you want to know why.

Anyway, now I’m feeling a little better, it’s time to do some Not The Friday Five as better late than never except for Morris Dancing lessons.

1. The first part is dedicated to sad news, that being the untimely death of Melissa McPhail, author of the “A Pattern of Shadow and Light” series. My thoughts to her family and friends in these times.

Blaise at Under The Radar is hosting a readalong of Cephrael’s Hand in April in tribute – join the discord here for more details.

My favourite tribute so far is this from Janny Wurts, and others like it

2. Now for a few writery things.

I owe this one to Davinia Evans, and it’s a great little resource for those of us who make use of plot structure – it’s a great cheatsheet full of the beats of a lot of common plots.

Although I notice it doesn’t contain one of my favourites, the 12 chapter mystery plot

We’ve also got a great tweet thread from Melissa Caruso on plans so cunning they could have gone on to be Chair of Cunning at Oxford University

Also, here’s a little bit of writing advice from Vivian Vande Velde.

3. Reviews

It sounds like Sahi at World of Books has found something truly and unique in translated fiction with this collection of Chinese short stories, complete with essays on translation – The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories Edited by Yu Chen and Regina Kanyu Wang

If you’re hearing the hype about Olivia Blake’s The Atlas Six and want to know more, Caitlin’s review at Realms of My Mind will help you

Looking for something light hearted and YAish? Twin Crowns by Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber sounds like your thing according to Asha at A Cat, A Book, And A Cup Of Tea

For something more surreal and off the beaten track, To Other Worlds’ Para has good things to say about Strange Beasts of China by Yan Ge.

Old but gold? Stephen Brust’s Jhereg still holds up according to M.D. Tjong Ayong at Whistling in The Dark

4. Ye General Bookish News!

Looking for some cosy mysteries? Here’s a list of what’s just around the corner.

SFF Round up? Maybe try Imyril’s list of March releases.

We’ve got a couple of interviews, first one with Deborah Falaye, author of Blood Scion

And the second a podcast interview with Lauren Panepinto, Creative Director at Orbit (and that’s a very cool idea by The Fantasy Inn’s Travis to get her on)

5. Apocrypha

6. Since this is a day late, I’ve decided I owe you another item. And it will be short and sweet

We’ve Got The Prompt List For Wyrd & Wonder

I hope I’m not the only person plotting some articles now. And as for that The Summer Tree readalong? Uhm yes. All praise to the wisest of Bookwyrms! And of course her many colleagues. A preliminary thanks to all the W&W people, particularly as I plot how to make them busy come May…

And that’s it. Have great weekends. Well. What’s left of it.


4 thoughts on “Not The Friday Five: You Don’t Want To Know Edition

  1. The ad that was included in my email version? “Instantly Wash Away Toilet Stains — Splash Foaming Cleanser”.

    Jesus Peat, how bad *was* it?

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  2. Thanks so much for including my Cozy Mystery list! Lots of great links in your Friday wrap-up – off to do some reading!

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