Friday Five: Tad Blowy Edition

Hello all. The winds have been beating at the window for most of today and I can’t say I’ve particularly enjoyed it. Still, at least I don’t have to be out in it. In fact, I don’t have to do much other than bring you a bunch of articles, random snippets, and what not for you to get your teeth into.

So let’s have at it.

1. Reviews.

Want to to know how The Expanse series ends? I don’t, not yet, but I trust Maddalena at Space and Sorcery to give a good overview on Leviathan Falls by James S.A. Corey.

Dave at Espresso Coco has a spy story to recommend us in Tim Glister’s A Loyal Traitor

I enjoyed Lina Rather’s first novella, so was happy to hear it sounds like Sisters of the Forsaken Stars carries on in similar vein

2. More bookish stuff.

A big congratulations to Tasavvur, a new South Asian spec fic online magazine that just launched. Here’s hoping they get plenty of support.

Do you share my love of 80s fantasy? If you do, Steven Caldwell’s got an interesting list of authors you mightn’t have heard of over on Before We Go.

Judging from this tweet, Aliette de Bodard is looing to get some buzz going about another book, so if you’re a reviewer who likes her work it might be worth keeping an extra sharp eye on her twitter feed.

Sahi at World of Books has put together a cracking list of Black authors for those interested.

3. Writerly advice

I don’t agree with everything said in this article on Heroism and Vulnerability by Caroline Furlong – for example that Either Or on Batman’s heroism when I think it’s both – but it’s still worth a look and I’ll be having a reread and think about it.

This article on playing various female stereotypes from anime is aimed more at RPGing than writing, but believe me when I say its still rather interesting anyway, even as someone who knows nothing about the source material – Getting Dere Is Half the Fun

4. And now time for a big fat miscellany

5. Well shit, I didn’t give myself enough to post this week. And I don’t even have anything to rant about, or suggest, or whatever. So…

Here’s the five greatest chicken dishes of all time, fight me if you think otherwise.

Chicken Piccata – An American-Italian classic that’s all about the miracle of dredged chicken under a sauce of lemon, capers, butter, garlic, and wine. Really like this on truffle pasta.

Lemon Chicken – The miracle of chicken and lemon continues. Incidentally, while I’m sure everyone is thinking of the deep fried version (at least those who grew up on Anglo-Cantonese), I’m thinking of the version my local did, with poached or steamed (I think) chicken swimming in the thickest lemon sauce with vegetables. The day Bo Wah retired was a sad day.

Cajun Chicken Pasta – Really tempted to go to the shop and buy what I need to make a big batch of this now. It’s spicy, creamy, and incredibly satisfying. Probably the least chicken centered dish on the list but just so damn good.

Tandoori Chicken – If I go to an Indian takeaway, I’m getting this. Proof positive that marinading things in yogurt is always a good idea, and that garlic and ginger are the ultimate tag-team of spices.

Jerk Chicken – My love of ginger is established. Ginger with lots of chilli, and all that earthy thymey goodness? Yes. Winner winner chicken dinner. Good jerk chicken leaves me crying in happiness.

Incidentally if you’re a mad bastard, you can kinda smash recipes for the two above together with great consequences.

Right. And with that, have a great weekend all. Me, I’m going to go cook something that isn’t chicken. I’ve made a terrible mistake….

12 thoughts on “Friday Five: Tad Blowy Edition

  1. I love a good jerk chicken too, esp when it’s done on the oil drum so there’s a smokiness to it as you eat. SO good! Usually my first stop whenever I go back to JA is to get some jerk chicken.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I try making it at home and it doesn’t taste bad but it doesn’t have the smoke. I feel like good jerk chicken should make you hungry from all the way down the street cos you’ll smell that smoke.

      Last jerk chicken I had was kinda more citrus heavy than smoky, and I dunno how right or wrong that is as a take but I was still disappointed.


      1. Exactly! You should smell the smoke from down the street. There was a jerk pit down the street from my college and, omg! I’d be so hungry smelling it from my campus.

        I’ve never had a citrus-flavored one before.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. What type of chicken tacos though? I thought about putting them in but there’s so many types.

      I’m also not a huge buffalo wing fan, possibly due to many overly vinegary attempts. And I’d never even heard of Chicken 65! But will have to rectify that swiftly.

      Liked by 1 person

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