Friday Five: Cowboy Blues Edition

You know who made the mistake of looking up Cowboy Bebop at wikipedia and realising he only had about 5 episodes of Cowboy Bebop left? This guy. And honestly, it kinda crushed me because this show is perfection.

But hey, know what you got to do when an amazing story is ending?

Find some more stories. And maybe this Friday Five can help us all…

1. Let’s start with some reviews.

Can’t lie, I clicked on the first solely because I didn’t expect to see ARCs for Fyodor Dostoevsky. But Brianna’s review at Pages Unbound of short story re-release A Bad Business (with new translations) is well worth reading.

Ollie at Infinite Speculation is here to hype up Simon Jimenez’s The Vanished Birds.

Looking for a ‘serene and calming read’? Jodie at Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub thinks Dan Fitzgerald’s The Living Waters is your man.

I very much enjoyed Lina Rather’s Sisters of the Vast Black, and am glad to see that Sahi at World of Books agrees.

Curious about the end of KJ Parker’s Siege trilogy? Doomscribe has you covered with A Practical Guide to Conquering the World.

2. Other fun book and blogging stuff.

Without a link – because I can’t pick which announcement to link to – but we’ve had our first bits of information about Wyrd & Wonder, which celebrates its 5th birthday this May. So fellow bloggers, look out for it and start making your plans. Me, I’m just waiting to find out the prompts

I got the reference in this book title! And the cover and blurb live up to to the inspiration, as you can see in this cover reveal for The Children of Gods and Fighting Men by Shauna Lawless.

I found this piece by Alex Hormann on the value of speaking about lesser known books and a “build it and they’ll come” mentality spot on.

Finally, do you want to fall down a round up loophole? HC Newton’s got his own roundup on Saturdays…

3. A couple of interesting thoughts on agents and their roles

4. On Writing.

Armed With A Book is guest hosting TC Marti talking about writing in a shared universe.

Over at Fantasy Faction, I found a link to Mark Lawrence talking about the various ways of sharing information in a story

And technically this should be in reviews, but Filip Magnus’ review of Alexis Kennedy’s Against Worldbuilding and Other Provocations is so full of good thoughts for readers it goes here, as does the original article by Kennedy himself

5. And now for the Miscellenary.

Want an RPG about the life of a bookseller? This tweet from Henry Sotheran will make you laugh if nothing else.

Want to learn something cool about the Mediterranean’s history? Click the tweet

Want to know about Victorian London food? Here’s an article about the piemen.

And last but never least – cool art.

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