#musicmonday – Cendres by Frohm

Hi all, and welcome to another Music Monday, an idea that originated at The Tattooed Book Geek – ‘just a nobody with a blog’ (wordpress.com).

Every now and again I feel the need for some electronic music. I never know shit about how to categorise it, or compare it, but I know I like it. And I really like this song.

There’s a juxtaposition of driving beat and drifting soundscape here that is very much my thing, and the mix of cold synth leads and French vocals provide a framework for what sounds like the discovery of absence. I imagine this in a movie scene where a characters walks in to find what he’d thought would be there isn’t and feels despair, tinged with a sense of release.

But that’s what i get from it. Let me know what you get.

4 thoughts on “#musicmonday – Cendres by Frohm

  1. Interesting!
    It reminded me a lot of In The Nursery (who I actually saw live in a small club in Lisbon back in 94 – got the signed ticket hehe).
    Try “L’esprit” or “Koda”.

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  2. It usually takes me a few listens to decide whether I like something but this is a rare one that instantly seems to appeal. I agree it’s definitely that mix of melancholy mixed with something.

    Also with a completely different vibe, it’s now set me off on listening to Moon Safari – Air.

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    1. I only knew Air from Sexy Boy, which is totally not the vibe in Moon Safari! Very… almost trip-hop?

      And yeah, Cendres hooked me immediately. It was the first track on some mix and, well, didn’t listen to any of the rest of it after that…


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