Top 10 Drinks of 2021

This list is not in order. But I do highly recommend drinking the shit out of all of them if you get the chance.

Black Forest Cake Smoothie Stout by Untitled Art and Hubbard’s Cave: I have a real weakness for pastry stouts that genuinely have some of that sweet-savoury richness of pastry. This not only had that, but had a shitload of chocolate taste, and the cherry part of it being Black Forest came through and gave it just the right notes of sour to really bring everything together. Ridiculous mouthfeel too from what I remember.

Medevac (Honey Brandy): No particular distillery. But, after hitting my limit point with radlers in Dubrovnik, I switched to trying all the different types of brandy. And after a bit, I switched to just drinking the shit out of honey brandy. I like brandy, but I never realised that honey was the perfect flavouring for it. Makes sense given how much I love mead but yeah, it ruled.

Awkward Handshake by Hidden Springs and Pontoon Brewing: They say it’s matcha macaroon inspired. I’ve never had a matcha macaroon but I have to say, I assume they have more matcha than this beer. But I’m really not complaining. The main flavours here are yuzu and coconut which is pretty hard to fuck up, and they do an absolutely outstanding job here.

Tomatin (18 year old, 1994): I don’t know how to describe this. I suck at the subtler flavours of whisky. I know that they’re making things different, but the how? Nevertheless, this dram was very good in a light and spicy way. Yup. All I’ve got.

Blackberry Mango Coconut Dreamcake by Vault City: This one is freshest in my memory and sweet son of a gun it is amazing. It’s thick and sweet and the flavours all marry together magnificently. It’s also pitched at just the right level of sour for this type of thing – enough for a zing, but not trying to kill you.

Black Agnes by Schramm’s Mead: I remember feeling myself get drunker as I drank this. It’s not just potent by ABV%, it actually tastes potent as well. That’s due to the slightly syrupy texture, the very rich flavours, and the way the sweetness and the tart duel for supremacy. A friend poured this for me to try but I have a bottle of my own somewhere and it is waiting for a very special occasion.

El Zacaton by Hubbard’s Cave: I fucking love Mexican inspired stouts. I like my sweet stouts to begin with, but it sometimes needs something to balance it all out – see the beer at the top – and chilis are a grade A way to do that. I have to admit I don’t remember this beer as well as I like as it was from right at the start of last year but that’s okay, I will refresh my memory.

Aldi Tropical Blast Zero: So, spoiler alert. This is Lilt. The Totally Tropical taste of the Caribbean (I have no idea what people actually from the Caribbean think of Lilt). Except I think it might be better. Or maybe I think that because I’ve not seen it in ages. Then one day I saw the knockoff brand and Aldi, and got it because I know The American loves pineapple and grapefruit. Then quickly got hooked myself.

Sorbetto Series #29 by Ever Grain Brewing Co: Another hit for Peat’s taste for sour beers that are so thick they’d try making a kettle out of ice. Also another hit for a mix of sour fruit and sweetness, with slight pastry notes. Well, it’s almost like I have a type…

Whittards Cherry Brownie Hot Chocolate with 500 Cuts Cherry and Dark Chocolate Rum: We started with cherry and chocolate, we finish with cherry and chocolate. I was a fan of both drinks in their original form, but they needed something. The rum was too sweet to sip. The hot chocolate a little too fruity. The rum needed something to mix with, something bitter. The hot chocolate needed some punch. Together, they were the Penn and Teller of spiked hot chocolate. I had it during covid and it made everything better for a bit, and I’d have some more right now except I’m out of milk.

And that was it. Here’s to a delicious 2022.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Drinks of 2021

  1. Your review of Tomatin was funny. The review was a blurb and brought a smile to my face. The other lines did justice to their drinks. Except for a couple of awkward lines which assholes would raise their hand to point out (I am an asshole but not THAT kind of an asshole), this is a tight, informative review; not an ass-kisser but a frank discussion of what’s what in brewery. Tres mondo thanks!

    — Catxman

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  2. Medevac (Honey Brandy) — if this is the same thing I’ve had it’s absolutely delicious warm even though I’m not overly fond of brandy more generally.

    Fun fact, a couple of my local takeaways still do Lilt as a drink option so I may have to go see if I can find the aldi version and do a taste test comparison. I do love it but it’ll be nice to not rely on dodgy takeaways to drink it.

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  3. Not for me (all alcohol tastes bad hehe, I’ll keep the hot chocolate one without the rum), but I forwarded this to my sister and brother-in-law, who also like to try new things and post reviews (probably in the same place you do, do you use this beer forum/app?)

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  4. I just love the names of these drinks.
    I’d still love to try the Blackberry Mango Coconut Dreamcake. Now I’d also like to try the Whittards Cherry Brownie Hot Chocolate with 500 Cuts Cherry and Dark Chocolate Rum (chocolate rum 🙂 ). And, just for the name, I’d like to get an Awkward Handshake.

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    1. An Awkward Handshake sounds like it should be a euphemism for something you don’t tell your friends about, now I think about it.

      And there’s got to be somewhere Stateside that does chocolate rum


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