Friday Five: Holy Shitsnacks Edition

Hello, hello there. As you might be able to guess, I’m watching a lot of Archer. There’ll probably be a blog post on this later but if you want something to laugh your way to hell with, it comes highly recommened.

And if you want some blog posts, story samples, and other such things, then look at the following.

1. We’ll start with reviews and the first one is an absolute humdinger as Kopratic at The Fantasy Inn has reviewed every single book called City of Lies. All eleven of them. The one on underground Tehran sounds really interesting. Just outstanding.

I am very late on my review of Thomas Howard Riley’s We Break Immortals so here is Blaise’s review from Under The Radar.

I’m hearing a lot of buzz about Sue Lynn Tan’s Daughter of the Moon Goddess, and Sahi’s review at World of Books makes it sound well placed.

Time to go old school with a review at Before We Go by PL Stuart of Janny Wurts’ The Curse of the Mistwraith, which I swear I’ll try again one of these days when I have patience for a brick.

Last but not least, a shoutout to Burch’s Books and Beers for absolutely nailing the perfect beer to accompany The Hobbit.

2. Writing shit!

So I’ve had a few people discuss this post by Matthew Claxton on the advice “read inside your genre” when you don’t like where you genre is. And I think part of what’s going people discussing it – and sometimes quite riled up – is it’s a pretty wide-ranging topic when you put it like that. Some parts of it are snobbish; some part unintentionally back onto items that get people’s backs up.

That said, I think the core of it contains a big truth for writers – take a big pinch of salt when someone insists on staying up to date with your field. It’s certainly something I do. I’ve also long thought that reading more widely pays off and frankly, if you just want to stay up to date, reading a bunch of reviews and kindle samples seems a better way to keep up on general trends than any one book.

But there’s a big question of what type of writer you want to be, what audience you want. Some authors fulfil their dreams after reading the whole library. Others very much concentrating on one genre too. Some would-be authors today don’t love fantasy as it currently is (yeah hi itsa me). Some do. As with all writing advice, if you feel like it applies to you – great. If not – move on.

I also really enjoyed this writer weakness stocktake and exploration from Nicole at Thoughts Stained With Ink, which I thought was smart self-interrogation and prompted me to look at my own a little (also maybe someone has some feedback for her).

Finally an interesting interview with magazine editor Aaron Burch about what gets acepted and what doesn’t

3. General book shit!

I like lists of books and I thoroughly approve of Dia’s list of books for people seeking to do the 12 books by friends thing

Elle at Unwrapping Words has a great round-up of anthologies for you to look at

Want some cover art and an interview? Petrik talks to David Dalgleish as he reveals the cover for The Bladed Faith

4. All in it’s own little section is a sample of something I really enjoyed, that being B. Sharise Moore’s Dr Djinn’s Odd Scholars – the website calls it an amazing mix of Steamfunk, alternate history and magical realism and who am I to disagree?

5. Art. Since I found quite a few good ‘uns this week, I thought I’d give it its whole own section.

That’s it for this week. Stay fantastic my friends!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Holy Shitsnacks Edition

  1. Oh I love the art!
    Bf’s been watching his way through Archer recently, I only catch glimpses of it when he’s got the headphones off but it seems WILD.

    Liked by 1 person

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