Friday Five: The Top Spins Endlessly Edition

Here at Peat Plateau we take little notice of holidays. It’s not like we actually like them, after all. They’re just another day to blog on and as this is a Friday, here comes a Friday Five. Have a great next few days everybody and if you’ve got some quiet time and are looking for something to read – or are like me and isolating with covid all alone and looking for a lot to read – then here’s some ideas.

1. Reviews!

I very clearly clicked Imyril’s review of Cat Rambo’s You Sexy Thing just for the title (well, that and the wisest of bookwyrms wrote it). But I’m glad I did as it’s a great dissection of why something doesn’t work.

I really want Alan Moore’s A Disease of Language and this review isn’t helping – alas that I don’t want a hard copy right now and don’t want to pay that much for a kindle copy – maybe I should just bite and do it. Or maybe I should just listen to the spoken word versions of The Birth Caul and Snakes and Ladders again.

We’ve got a couple of mini-reviews from Mr Scribe, Doom, esq – Inside Man by KJ Parker and Reaper by Will Wright

Last but not least, Biblionerd’s review of Sue Lyn Tang’s Daughter of the Moon intrigued me.

2. Random interesting thoughts on books.

I rather enjoyed this old post from SFSignal about what the Bellowing Ogre looks for in a book; I like seeing what makes readers tick

Libri Draconis’ January hype post is up – I might be longlist The Red Palace

And here’s a cool idea I think more people who aren’t me should do – Jodie at Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub has done her words that stuck with her in 2021

3. Writer help chat.

The only reason I haven’t tried out this tip about Dali’s creativity is a) I’m ill b) People would kill me when I drop a frying pan on the floor.

Anyone looking for advice on running a SFF publication might want to check out this paying it forwards link

Looking for some thoughts on dragons? Try this post by Phil Parker.

4. The esoterica section. Maybe my favourite section?

I’ve been getting more food video recs recently, and one of them led me to this very thorough account on how to make char siu which had better be of interest to someone here

I recently talked about my search for weird beers with some friends after stumbling on The Ultimate Royal Imperial Deep Fried Triple Mashed Falafel Extra Sauce Extra Hummus Double Dip Milk Chocolate Oak Aged Ayran Vanilla Foam Coffebean Toffee Stout No.1 from Morgondagens Bryggeri. One of them linked me to this beauty made with lobsters. No,I haven’t had either yet. But yes, I would.

Asymptote Journal is one of my favourite places to see what’s happening in the incredibly wide world of writing with its focus on translation and this interview with Tibetan writer Tsering Woeser did not disappoint

I found this twitter thread/account on early modern diplomacy very interesting in places

Finally, is this not beautiful?

5. Ah, you’ve got me. There aren’t five things here. Well, have a little slice of northern folk to keep you warm this solstice. Assuming you’re not in one of the places that already is warm. Anyone there longing for dark and cold is welcome to swap right fucking now, I assure thee.

Anyway, have a fantastic time everyone!

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