Friday Five: Derails My Train Of Thought Edition

Not often I get to Friday and am doing this completely from fresh! But, well, there’s been a lot of life on the rails of my train of thought. Still, let’s see what we can get.

1. Leading with the art as I’ve been admiring this piece all week. I don’t follow as many fantasy artists as I should, and remember those I do less than I should, but Vii’s work is instantly recognisable.

2. The reviews.

I enjoyed Lord Samper’s look at Glen Cook’s Bone Eaters and while admittedly its main effect on me was to make me wish I liked Glen Cook when I’m fairly sure I don’t, it’s a good read for anyone thinking of giving him a try. Ignore me, I’m weird.

From Sue’s Musings, Sue reckons SW Raine’s Rise of the Sky Pirate is a good shout for anyone looking for YA Steampunky exploits, which isn’t the worst idea I’ve heard.

I know quite a few people who are voluble in their love of Melissa Caruso’s The Quicksilver Court, and Maddalena’s review at Spaceships & Sorcery shows why

Finally to celebrate Sam Hawke’s Hollow Empire getting its UK paperback release, here’s a slew of reviews for that one – one from Jo’s Book Blog, another one from Caitlin at Realms of my Mind, and last but never least Esme at The Weatherwax Report

3. Blog of the week. Or I guess newsletter of the week. I’ve enjoyed Matthew Claxton’s genre thoughts over at Unsettling Futures, and his post on adaptations was no different.

4. If there’s one writer I really believe in listening to on stories, its Jeff VanderMeer, and this article on structuring a story shows why

Also pretty cool is that Christian/Miles Cameron has a little pdf for gamers/readers of his Masters & Mages world – well worth a peek

5. Wow, I really have nothing to say today. That train isn’t just derailed, it’s rolled all the way to the next county.

Aha. I do have something. There’s always something to complain about. I’m up to Episode 3 in Arcane, the episode everyone seems to pick as the “woah” moment… and guess who’s underwhelmed after enjoying themselves up to that point?

The main reason is it was an arc resolution, so most of it was dedicated to a fight.

Writers of the world, please reconsider this.

Sure, given how others reacted I might be a lone voice, but I’d like to think not. At the very least, cut it up with something else. If your story is snaring me with snappy lines and intriguing dynamics, why throw them away? It’s a good way to keep a long fight from feeling boring too. There’s only so many ways you can punch someone in the face, or pretend the obvious fight ending opening didn’t exist.

I’m going to continue with Arcane, just like I still watch Marvel movies. But it’d be nice if they could be better on this.

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