Friday Five: The Cat’s Betrayal Strikes Again Edition

Well hello again. It is Friday, I give you lots of good links and sometimes I talk at you.

For many of us this is a busy weekend as we are either celebrating the turkeymas (for some with fake turkey), or the discountmas (even more often with fake discounts). It’s certainly busy here as me and The American celebrated with a friend of hers from Philly yesterday and go north to meet more Americans for yet more turkey. As such, I very much felt the need for a lunchtime nap yesterday to fortify myself.

Imagine my dismay when I went into the bedroom and found cat puke all over my pillows.

But wait. It gets better. I take off the pillow cases, clean the little spot of mattress with damage on it – I toss and turn a lot, so fitted sheets often come off – and then pull the duvet to one side ready for some sleep.

“For fuck’s sake, Murray,” quoth I, for there was yet more cat puke.

So I clean that off, summon The American to help me change the sheets, and about twenty minutes later finally get to napping. Frankly, shenanigans like this are why I invented the Evil Cat book tag.

But how can I not forgive a fellow like this?

1. On with the show. Blog of the week is the SFWA site, as it has given me a lot of good reading material this week. The November short fiction markets report is frankly everything I’ve been asking for in terms of submitting.

Also of interest this week has been How To Ask For Things by Cat Rambo and Filip Wiltgren’s Advice for the Invariable Moment when You Decide to Quit.

2. If there’s one thing Christmas aka the worst time of year seems to bring in abundance, it’s lists of books, so I’m dedicating one part of this simply to lists of books

Like this one of 8 Jewish Fantasy Books

Or Eleni’s list of great opening lines at FanFiAddict

Or this one of Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub’s recs for Christmas shopping

Or Libri Draconis’ list of every book they like the looks of in 2022

3. Review time!

I found myself intrigued by Whitney Reinhart’s review of Beneath a Brass Sky by Eli Steele over at Before We Go

Para has a usually thoughtful review of P. Djèlí’s Clark’s Master of Djinn at Other Worlds

I can’t get a sample of Susana Imaginario’s Anachrony yet as it’s not released but Fantasy Book Nerd has persuaded me to take an interest

It’s always nice to see people discovering the classic that is Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Dart, and it looks like MD Tjong Ayong at Whistling in the Dark enjoyed it as much as many of us.

4. Now time for a grab bag of fun stuff, starting with blogger Sue Bavey getting to shill her first book, Lucky Jack – all about her grandfather’s life, through the PoW camps of WW1 and onwards. Congrats to Sue, it sounds fascinating.

I swear to god this blog is not just a Pellicle shilling place but when they are here to talk about cider, I am here to listen and drag as many people with me.

I was intrigued to hear that there’s a video game of Michael Moorcock’s Elric in development

I picked up a couple of good wintry links on Folklore Thursday, one on Zaltorog and one on Strange Snow Superstitions.

To add to the folklore goodness, here’s an instagram account full of South African folklore.

Last but never least, it was pretty cool to see two of my favourite bloggers have a great chat about Too Like the Lightning, in Imyril and Mayri. Go have a gander. And it’s totally reminded me I need to bring back the stalled blogger roundtable idea (stupid real life).

5. Finally, you know what TV show I’ve been hearing a lot about recently?


Honestly, I’d been planning to dodge it after a moment of interest due to the League of Legends branding. I am slightly exasperated by the constant push to make good on a few big fantasy names, and more than a little skeptical of the quality that comes with such things. But too many people were too enthusiastic, and after the first episode, I saw their point. It’s big, fun, unashamed to be what it is, and not without a brain. I can’t say I’m hooked but I 100% will watch the next episode. And hey, maybe it is an example of over name-pushing, but so’s a lot of fantasy on TV, and this at least is a brand new story aimed at it. And with any luck, if this does well, maybe we’ll see a few more like it.

That’s it for this week, have good weekends all.

8 thoughts on “Friday Five: The Cat’s Betrayal Strikes Again Edition

  1. Ah, bummer about the cat puke, but a fuzzy friend is worth it (says the cat-less person who did not have to clean up puke).
    Once again, thanks for including my little blog among so many greats! I have no idea how I sneak in there, and I really appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Intrigued by the Elric game, I’ve become a big fan since I started the books earlier this year. It could be really fucking cool or just fail to capture the vibe miserably. Will def keep my eye on its development!

    Commiserations on the cat puke also.

    Liked by 1 person

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